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19 Things You Have to be in Boise to Understand

Last updated September 09, 2019 by Kris Lloyd

Check out these 19 things that you have to be in Boise to understand.

1. People Are Totally Obsessed With The Broncos

The Boise Broncos are a Mountain West Conference college football team, based out of Albertson Stadium on the Boise University campus. And they also happen to be the pride and joy of practically every Boisean in existence. Don’t believe us? Try telling a local that another team is better and watch how they respond. You won’t like it!

The Vandals though? Who are they?

Alochol Will Now Be Sold at The Albertsons Stadium
IMG_9786Image Credit: Albertsons Facebook

2. Treefort Music Festival Is What 20 Something Boiseans Live For

Even if indie rock isn’t your bag, the Treefort Music Festival is still electric. Every year at the end of March, tens of thousands of people gather at venues throughout downtown Boise to listen to an assortment of new and established indie bands.

Treefort 2021, What's New?

3. The Weather Can Be Extreme

Thanks to Idaho’s geography, sat beside the Rockies, the weather can be extreme. Summer temperatures can hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while in winter, they can plunge to an average of just 24 in December and January. Rainfall can vary dramatically from one hour to the next.

4. Boise Loves Potatoes (But Not Everyone Is A Potato Farmer)

Boise is famous for its potatoes. But it would be wrong to say that everyone in the city was a potato farmer. Having said that, the climate does lend itself to this particular form of agriculture, and so you’ll see homages to the humble potato all over the place, including the Idaho State Potato Museum and a Potato Air BnB.

Where to Find the Best Potatoes in Idaho

5. Hops? I Thought You Said Potatoes?

Yes, Idaho is known for potatoes....we have heard that over a million quadrillion times. And yes, we are also grateful because it has added so much value to the Idaho economy. BUT, did you know that the farms just outside of Boise are some of the nation's largest producers of hops? Hops are found in craft beer, hence the BOOMING craft beer culture in the Boise area.

Idaho Craft Beer

6. The American Dream Is Alive And Well In Boise

Boise, as a frontier town, attracts people who want to live the American Dream of life, liberty, and property. The city is one of the best places to find work, own a home, and enjoy a middle-class lifestyle.


7. Huckleberries Are Everywhere

Huckleberries are a type of berry native to the mid-western and western United States. But in Boise, they don’t just grow wild: they’re in everything from jams to drinks to chutneys to ice creams. If the potato didn’t exist, Boise would undoubtedly be known for its huckleberries.

By themselves, huckleberries can be tart. But mixed with the right ingredients, they impart a unique and beautiful flavor: well worth a try if you visit.

8. Eagle Road Is A Traffic Nightmare

All roads lead to Eagle Road. Finally, if you’ve never been on Eagle Road in rush hour, you don’t know the meaning of the word “congested.” The route runs right through the geographic center of the city, attracting unrelenting traffic from numerous side streets. Why is this so you say? Well, some call it poor planning, and others call it poor planning. Bottom line, one way in, one way out. Eagle Road is a freeway onramp and is the only North-South connection to the ever so popular and beautiful Eagle, Idaho.

Eagle Road Idaho

9. Boiseans Love to Drink and Float

Floating the Boise River is a community-wide event. River goers of all ages rent or bring their own rafts, paddles and tubes and brave the dynamic 3-foot tall rapids of the Boise River. Of course, there is drinking Boise craft beer involved...those Boiseans just had to include that. Please drink responsibly.

Floating the Boise River


10. Boiseans Cherish Their Greenbelt

How can you not? The Greenbelt runs through all of Boise and is great for a nice bike ride or afternoon run. With beautiful greenery surrounding and the Boise river flowing, what more could you need? Don't forget all the outdoor bars and restaurants that line the Green Belt... they sure make it extra fun.  

THe Boise River Greenbelt

11. Recreation is Everywhere: Whitewater Park, Climbing, Hiking, Biking

Boise is known for its many options for outdoor activities. From Whitewater Park, with a waveshaper creating waves for "green wave" surfing, to hiking trails throughout the area, you've got options! Exploring the great outdoors is one of Boise's many perks. 

7 Places to Explore in Idaho


12. We Aren't Horrible Drivers, but We Play One in Real Life.

Driving in Boise, some would say it's not our forte. Whether it be driving slow in the fast lane, stopping in the middle of a green light, ignoring U-turn lanes, or texting while driving. We sometimes get a little confused. There's a lot of us so it's likely you'll see it everywhere- get used to it. 

13. All of Our Major Parks are Named After Women. 

Julia Davis, Ann Morrison, Kathryn Albertson are just a few of Boise's major parks named after women. This began back in 1907 when Tom and Julia Davis donated 40-acres of land to be turned into a park. Since then multiple large masses of land have been donated and named after a family's matriarch. 

The History of Boise

14. We Have a Potato Hotel. Seriously.

Thought the Idaho Potato Drop wasn't enough? Well now we've got a Potato Hotel, smack dab in the middle of a field in South Boise. It's listed on Airbnb and is quite a funky opportunity. Who else can say they've slept in a giant potato?


15. Road Construction is a Season

You thought it was over? As Boise grows, construction is necessary to make room for all the newcomers. However, every road seems to be covered in construction. We've got one question: is there an end to this madness?!

16. Idaho is Basque Country

Boise is home to the largest Basque population in America. The Basque Block in Downtown Boise holds a museum, fine dining, and an events center - all in commemoration of the Basque culture. They even host the Basque Festival, inviting everyone in the area to join and embrace life with Basque culture!


17. Downtown Boise is Thriving

Thriving is an understatement! From new restaurants to new hotels, every way you turn Downtown Boise is growing. We love enjoying the views of the city from downtown itself. New experiences are unlimited!

18. Mountain Resorts Are Our Year-Round Friend

We've got quite a few local resorts that aren't just open for winter recreation. Enjoy them any time of the year through fly fishing, rafting, boating, or so much more! Whether you're looking to be close to town, by a lake, or in a remote location, we've got you covered. 

Bogus Basin Year-Round

19. Goatheads. The Struggle is Real

Goatheads- you know those annoying weeds that get stuck in bike tires. They're so bad throughout town, Boise is the first city to create a festival filled-weekend to dispose of them! Becoming one of America's top biking cities is hard with the vast amount of goatheads that surround our city. 

Boise Goathead Fest 2021


19+. Don't Say Boize

And last but certainly not least, it's Boise (boy-see). C'mon, we all know that!




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