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The Best Potatoes in Boise, Idaho

A holiday practically made for us Idahoans, National Potato Day! It should come as no surprise that Idaho has the best potatoes in the world, but the real question is, where can you find them in Boise? We asked our community, and here were the top recommendations.

Here’s a 2020 list of where to eat the best potatoes in Boise:

Food Trucks:

Bistro Babe

Garlic and fries are destined to be together, and Bistro Babe knows how to make the perfect combo. This food truck can be found all throughout the Treasure Valley, and you can find their weekly locations on Facebook and street food finder.

We one time ranked Bistro Babe as a place YOU need to try:

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Photo Credit: Bistro Babe

Potato Boi

Strictly serving Idaho potatoes, Potato Boi strives to create healthy and versatile potatoes. From fries to baked potatoes to smothered tots, you can’t go wrong ordering from Potato Boi. BONUS- they strive to serve quality, ethically sourced, organic, sustainable, locally produced food.

Big Fry 208

This food truck has set out to create new ways for people to enjoy America’s favorite side dish, potatoes! Specialty craft french fries from Big Fry include Loco Asada Fries, Pizza Fries, Dessert Fries and so much more.

Big Fry 208

Photo Credit: Big Fry 208

Smoke and Thyme

Permanently located at the Gas Lantern Drinking Company, Smoke and Thyme is a food truck turned smokehouse. Along with handcrafted smoked meats, Smoke and Thyme serves up delicious thick-cut, seasoned fries, with a side of housemade fry sauce.


Big Jud’s

Locally known and praised, Big Jud’s serves homestyle burgers with a side of delicious fries or tater gems.

Big Jud's

Photo Credit: Big Jud's

Fanci Freeze

Since 1947 Fanci Freeze has been serving the Boise community, their fries can’t go unnoticed. From seasoned waffle fries to gems, they’ve got a fry for everyone!

Bittercreek Alehouse

Pairing Good Beer with delicious food is exactly what Bittercreek Alehouse sets out to do and the fries are no exception. At Bittercreek, expect housemade fries with the option to jazz them up poutine style.

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

After 28 years as Boise’s first microbrewery, you can bet Highlands Hollow is sure to have delicious food, especially when it comes to hand-cut fries.

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Photo Credit: Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Double Tap

This sports pub sure knows beer, but they also know how to serve delicious potatoes. From a “Pound of Fries” to make-your-own style brunch, you’ll find potatoes at the top of their menu.

Tap House

Downtown Boise’s pub and eatery located off Main St. serves up regular fries along with rosemary, sweet potato and even nacho fries.

The Reef

Located in downtown Boise, the Reef is known for its Island-style food, including seasoned fries or sweet potato fries. Highly recommended by our Totally Boise friends is the Voodoo fries.

The Reef

Photo Credit: The Reef

The Donut + Dog

Newer to the Treasure Valley is the Donut + Dog, along with serving funky donuts and crazy hot dogs, they’ve got the option to add truffle or loco fries.

The Donut + Dog

Photo Credit: The Donut + Dog

The Shed

Boise’s sports bar and grill can’t serve up delicious food without a side of fries. At The Shed, you get well-seasoned fries, crisped to perfection.

Boise Fry Co.

If the name doesn’t give it away, Boise Fry Co. is sure to be experts in all things Idaho fries. Between six potato opinions and five cut styles, you can customize fries to your preference!

Boise Fry Company

Photo Credit: Boise Fry Company

Hugo’s Deli

For 40 years, Hugo’s Deli has been serving the Treasure Valley and have created the famous “Deli Fries.” Served in ⅓ pound, ⅔ pound, and 1 pound increments, you can leave Hugo’s Deli with fries for everyone!


As one of the newest restaurants in Eagle, Coynes has an appetizer and we can’t get enough. Their serrano chili, yellow onion, cilantro, and lime guacamole is served with the most delicious fried sea salt potato scoops—the perfect shape and size for scooping up that insanely flavorful guacamole.


Photo Credit: Coynes


A local favorite known for their eclectic interior and even funkier dishes, is Barbacoa. One of their many popular side dishes is the Garlic Mashed Potatoes- offering the perfect creamy, garlicy, and delicious mashed potatoes around! 

Westside Drive In

A little unconventional, but more Idaho than anything is the famous Idaho Ice Cream Potato. Coming from a Boise staple, Westside Drive In the ice cream potato isn't exactly what it sounds like, it's actually just vanilla ice cream rolled in cocoa powder. But the potato looks pretty real, it's a great way to trick someone!

Westside Drive In

Photo Credit: Westside Drive In

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