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  • The WebMarkets Way

    Are you a part of the 80% who has partnered with nightmare marketing employees, agencies, and freelancers? All of which have proven to create sub satisfactory output, charge outrageous hourly prices, ...
  • No Phones While Driving, Boise.

    Boise City Council just restricted using phones while driving except if it’s “hands-free." This ordinance will prevent texting & driving and make the roads safer for the city of Boise! Along with Me...
  • “What if?”: Boise’s 2019 Startup Week

    It’s year four for Boise Startup Week! Starting October 7th, celebrate Idaho’s growing ecosystem. Boise Startup Week is a festival free to the public & will take place at venues throughout downtown ...
  • Meet Boise’s da Vinci Doc

    Did you know general surgery is a distinct surgical specialty? Meet Dr. Steven Williams, Boise’s best general surgeon and expert in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Dr. Williams specializes in...
  • 10 Ways to Ring in the 2021 New Year in Boise

    To stay in or to not stay in, that is the question of the year. As we approach 2021, many people are contemplating how to ring in the new year. Here’s a list of ideas of how to kickoff 2021, whether ...
  • Totally Boise Makes An Escape at Clockwise Escape Room

    The Totally Boise team has never had so much fun being locked in a room –– no, seriously. Located on the second floor of downtown Boise’s historic Alaska Center, Clockwise Escape Room in Boise just...
  • The Adventure Park in Meridian Everyone Needs to Visit: Urban Air Adventure Park

    We’ve been to our fair share of trampoline parks, but nothing braced us for Urban Air Adventure Park in Meridian, Idaho. Walking into Urban Air is like walking into a giant indoor playground for all ...
  • Spookily Fun Halloween Events in Boise

    And this year’s best Halloween costume award goes to 2020. As Halloween quickly approaches this year, many aren’t sure what is still safe and fun to do. The good thing is the Treasure Valley busines...
  • 6 Activities to Enjoy While in Quarantine

    As a new COVID-19 spike hits the Treasure Valley, it has led many people back into quarantine. While some are able to work from home, others are scratching their heads trying to figure out what to do ...
  • Totally Boise Tips On Staying Healthy During the Smoky Season

    The air quality in the Treasure Valley is unhealthy due to dozens of fires in Idaho and surrounding states. With the current pandemic also lingering, it is essential to remind yourself of ways to main...
  • 6 Indoor Activities to Beat the Smoky Skies in Boise

    The year 2021 cannot come soon enough—first, the pandemic, and now wildfires. While wildfires are a common occurrence every year, we have already surpassed last year’s fire count. Boise’s air quali...
  • I Love Kickboxing Boise Excels During Pandemic

    Boise’s I Love Kickboxing is round housing COVID-19 with their contactless workouts. The staff is not only invested in kickboxing, but in keeping everyone as safe as possible. At ILKB, virtual and in...
  • Experience These Idaho Business Virtually At Home

    At Totally Boise, we’re always looking for ways to continue growing & experiencing all the things we love from home. Here is our list of local Idaho businesses who are giving you the opportunity to e...
  • 10 Self Care Ideas While In Quarantine

    Why not use this quarantine as a time to practice self-care? The only thing we can do is take care of ourselves & stay inside to take care of others. Here are 10 self-care ideas to make sure you are s...
  • 8 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During Social Distance

    Keeping a schedule is not only going to keep parents sane but will help keep the kiddos busy and will bring a sense of comfort having a routine during these unsettling, confusing times. Totally Boise ...
  • Something Other Than COVID-19

    We've compiled a list of some exciting news & great websites if you’re over reading articles about Coronavirus. Check out this Totally Boise blog for more exciting local news in Boise & how they are ...
  • Working From Home Tips

    This week kicks off our first week working from home. We’re incredibly thankful we’re able to work from home & have the technology available to easily connect as a team. Working from home can be cha...
  • How to Help the Boise Community From a Distance

    Many people are experiencing changes in their busy day-to-day lives, we’re all continually looking for ways to stay busy, give back, & keep things as normal as possible. We want to be an outlet for w...
  • The Ronald McDonald House in Boise Expands

    The Ronald McDonald House in Boise expands making room for every family. The Ronald McDonald House serves families with ill or injured children being treated at a Boise medical facility. It’s time fo...
  • Where to Spend your Super Bowl Sunday in Boise

    If throwing a Super Bowl party isn’t your jam, we don’t blame you. But, we’re sure you still want to celebrate & watch the big game, so here are some places in the treasure valley that are throwing...
  • Your Guide to Valentine’s Day in Boise

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching & we know how hard it can be to find perfect plans. We’re here to give you options for how you can spend your Valentine’s Day in Boise. No matter how you end ...
  • The Downtown Boise Party You Don’t Want to Miss

    Get ready to sing your heart out! Voicebox Karaoke has joined Boise’s downtown scene on Front Street. With 71,000 songs to choose from and private booths, we’re sure you’re ready for some wild nigh...
  • 6 of the Best Ways to Keep Warm in Boise

    Cool air and snow-filled days are upon us, indoor activities are calling! We love exploring the outdoors & the snow makes it that much better, but sometimes you just need to bundle up & keep warm indo...
  • Idaho’s Newest Nonprofit: The Library of Things

    We had the opportunity to talk with Paul Johnson, the founder of Library of Things, & learn more about his ideas behind the Idaho Share & Supply. Before creating Library of Things, Paul traveled as a ...

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