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Totally Boise was created for the community of the Treasure Valley. Have a question or an idea? Feel free to shoot us an email. We promise, we are real people in Boise behind the computers & iPhones.

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A Hyperlocal Media Dedicated to the Success, Happiness and Prosperity of All Things Boise

Kris Lloyd | Online Strategy

Founder of WebMarkets. Believer of People, Technology, Eggs and Toast.

Toby Stauss | Web Development

Web Development and eCommerce Specialist. Lover of Bag-els & MarioCart.

Stephanie Lloyd | Creative

Social Media & Content Specialist. Supporter of High Heels and TPS Reports.

Amber Hawton-Hill | Accounts Manager

Jack of all trades, master of some. Don't ask me why. Ask me how.

Tessa Bishop | Social Media Specialist

Blonde, fun-loving, energetic. Wait- Not sure if I described myself or a golden retriever.

Evie Phillips | Web Intern

Burger enthusiast. Midnight snacker. Life is short, and so am I.

Griffen Shinn | Graphic & Web Design

Mover, Shaker, Go-Getter. Prefers to Shake and Bake.

Mackenzie Gilliam | Graphic Designer

Design shouldn't just be for aesthetics, it should make your company more valuable. That’s what I do.

Nelly Ortiz | Graphic Designer

Lover of Tacos & Pan Dulce. Typography Guru. Encourager.

Michael Hemingway | Videographer

Video provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.

Lacey Grattan | Public Relations Specialist

Coming Soon.

Alexis Standley | Sales & Strategy

Coming Soon.

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