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The 2020 Boise River Float Season: What Changes to Expect

The Boise River is set to open Wednesday, July 1st, just in time for summer. However, due to COVID-19, restrictions have been made in order to ensure the social distancing and safety of others.

The shuttle system is a great way to get to the river, however this year it will look slightly different. While still offering shuttle services, the shuttles will online sit riders in every other seat. This may cause delays getting to or from the river. One way to avoid time delays is by carpooling. Although, time consuming at the end of the float getting to the river may be quicker.

The biggest change for the upcoming season will be the air pumps that are typically available for public use. For the 2020 season, the air pumps will not be available. This precaution will limit the amount of people touching the same surfaces. Tubes however, will still be available to rent. Pumping tubes prior to arrival or bringing a pump if leaving a car at the top of the river can be alternative options in order to ensure your tube is pumped prior to hopping on the river.

Even with changes the best part will remain the same, floating. While navigating the waters may be difficult during the current pandemic, Boise Parks and Waterways is taking precautions to ensure the safety of others during the upcoming season.

Reminders: Whether shuttling or using self transportation, remember to bring cash. If using shuttle services the fee is $3 per person. If utilizing the parking at Barber Park, the fee is $7.

Location: 4049 S. Eckert Rd. Boise, Idaho 83716

For More Information: Float the River


The entrance to float the Boise River

barber park float the boise river
barber park float the boise river
barber park float the boise river


float the boise river
float the boise river
float the boise river


boise river morrison center boise
boise river morrison center boise

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