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The North End of Boise is known for its charming houses and tree-lined streets. But what gives the area so much character are some of the houses that can be dated back to the late 1800s. Along with the historic architecture in homes, the area even features its own little downtown. That little downtown is known as Hyde Park and is located on 13th Street in the heart of the North End. Hyde Park has several restaurants, bars, and even some little mom and pop shops.

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Hyde Park Boise

This neighborhood won’t leave you without something to do. Once you’ve adventured around Hyde Park, you’ve gotta check out Camel's Back Park located at the end of 13th Street. The park has a playground, tennis courts, a volleyball court, outdoor gym, and a trailhead to a scenic view of the city.


Harrison Blvd Boise

While on your way to Bogus Basin, you will travel on Harrison Blvd. One of the most epic streets in Idaho, and possible the United States, Harrison Blvd and it's charm is an iconic symbol Boise. Lined with big, beautiful maple trees during it's 3.5 mile stretch, multiple large classic 1940's aged homes and their unique style lie beyond the row of maples, extending for blocks to the east and west. This place is a must see and a very desirable place to live.

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Only a couple blocks from downtown you can ride or walk your bike to just about anywhere you need to go, making it a very convenient location for most Boiseans.


East End & Warm Springs Avenue

Also known as the historic district, you can feel that this neighborhood is somewhat of an extension of the North End. And something many don’t know about the area is why exactly it’s called “Warm Springs,” as well as the East End. The name comes from the fact that the area sits on a centralized system of geothermal heat, and helps power some of the city through geothermal energy.

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This grown in and homey-neighborhood features some of the oldest and largest houses in Boise. Residents are just down the street from downtown, and footsteps away from some of the Boise Foothill trails. Located within the area is the Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, which is a great place to bring the family and have yourself a picnic. Another feature of this neighborhood is the Old Idaho Penitentiary Site, located at the base of Table Rock you can take a tour of the historic site and see what it was like way back when.

The type of neighborhood, where you can walk next door and borrow what you need for that dinner you’re making.

harris ranch boise idaho

East Boise - Harris Ranch

Even further East, you can find Harris Ranch. The city of Boise is expanding, and new areas like Harris Ranch are developing. This area incorporates the feel of outdoor charm with having the urban aspect just being minutes away. Integrated within this beautiful neighborhood you can find the Boise River, trails within the foothills, and parks.

And when you’re out on your nightly stroll, don’t be surprised when you see some local wildlife.

southeast boise park

Boise Riverview Dental

East Boise - Harris Ranch

This suburban area of Boise isn’t far from downtown and is located in close proximity to Boise State University. New and old homes fill the large land area, while also encompassing the Greenbelt (a 25+ mile path connecting Lucky Peak Dam to the City of Eagle), part of the Boise River, and multiple parks. Some of the iconic parks include Anne Morrison Park and Julia Davis Park.

With plenty to do, South East Boise isn’t a bad spot to find yourself.


East Boise - Bown Crossing

Bown Crossing is it’s very own little community. Located close to the Greenbelt and Park Center, you have access to a little bit of everything. The area is up to date and is continuing to see growth in both population and businesses. While you can expect to see new developments, there are also plenty of unique properties. A shopping center and some of the more popular restaurants in Boise are nearby.

The area has its own lifestyle, and sense of energy while still being relatively close to downtown and other parts of Boise.

bench north west boise park


The Boise Bench

Why is it called “The Bench”? Partly due to the fact that it sits approximately 60 feet higher than downtown Boise and to the southwest, and others in part due to the fact that the bench is its own little suburban community. Many businesses on the bench, brand themselves that way because it is such a big area, that you don’t have to go far to get what you need. Plus with a mix of new and old neighborhoods, you get an area that really has it all.

The bench is its own cool, little community that is continuing to expand.


West Boise

The area that encompasses West Boise borders the City of Meridian. This part of town is considered to be well established and have many residential developments. Along with the old and new developments, the area offers great shopping and restaurants. The Boise Towne Square Mall is a major feature and is also the largest mall in the state. The overall suburban feel is what makes this part of Boise one of everyone’s favorites.

West Boise has a little bit of everything you need.

boise foothills


Northwest Boise

This part of Boise runs along the base of the foothills towards the city of Eagle. Close to the North End and not far from the heart of downtown, you are able to access all the best parts of Boise with already being located next to the foothills. Living next to the foothills, you have access to amazing trails and outdoor recreation options. Homes in this part of Boise are typically a little older but have quaint character. There are also pockets of newer homes in sections of this neighborhood.

Northwest Boise is well established, and just a hop, skip, and step from Downtown.


South Boise

Located 10-15 minutes from downtown Boise, the area of South Boise has continued to expand and evolve with the rest of the city. Any area between Boise State University, the airport, and Federal Way can be considered South Boise. The neighborhoods vary from homes that were built in the 1960s to new and updated ones. But what makes the older neighborhoods so unique is the amount of land that some of them include. Within some of the subdivisions are acre-sized plots and farms.

At one point there were efforts to keep the area from growing, but since the area has continued to develop into a popular part of Boise.

Garden City

We recognize that Garden City is it’s own and separate municipal government, but because of the close proximity to Boise, the areas share a unique relationship. With Boise continuing to grow at a rapid pace, Garden City is starting to receive some overflow and grow itself. The population is estimated to be about 12,000, but still has potential and opportunity for even more residents. The city runs along the Greenbelt, and uses the feature to it’s advantage. You can find some of the best restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops with outdoor seating.

Take our word for it, Garden City is happening.


The outdoor scene in Boise is a major aspect to the culture the city has created. There are countless outdoor recreational areas to explore. For anyone interested, there is access to hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, and any other outdoor activities you can think of. One of the most popular recreational trails is the Boise Greenbelt, which runs 25 miles through the city and along the Boise River. Along with the inner city trails, there are also 190 miles of foothill trails. Beyond the city, there are other close by outdoor sites to check out.

boise outdoor life boise foothills

Boise Parks & Recreation

There are 89 parks within the City of Boise, all of which are cared for and maintained by the community and the parks and recreation department. Having a safe and clean outdoor space that is welcoming to everyone is something that Boise as a city and community is committed to.

boise outdoor life boise ski resorts

Boise Ski Resorts

Boise sits in a basin that is surrounded by beautiful snow capped foothills. But beyond the foothills, are some of the best ski resorts that Idaho has to offer. Most of the ski resorts even offer passes to the partnering mountains with the purchase of a yearly lift ticket. The partnering of these ski mountains makes for a committed winter community within the area.


boise restaurants

Boise has the perfect selection of popular corporate and local, family-owned restaurants. Once featured in Vogue Magazine in 2017 for being a growing culinary spot, the restaurant community has continued to live up to the expectation. We’ve taken the liberty to divide and conquer restaurants by the type of food they serve. What are you in the mood for?


boise breweries

With so many award winning breweries in Boise, how do you pick? Good thing you don’t have to. We suggest you check them all out. Each brewery has some aspect to craft beer that they are known to specialize in. Along with the delicious beer, the tap rooms are a great place to hang out and enjoy that delicious microbrew you’ve been craving.


boise night life

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Boise’s downtown has just about whatever you might be looking for. The diverse mix of bars, lounges, and clubs won’t leave you without feeling like you didn’t get the full nightlife experience that Boise has to offer. Whether you want to go to a happy hour, or even go to a dance club, there is something for everyone.


Need something to do on a weekend or really anytime for that matter while in Boise? Well, you’re in luck. There is something for everyone. Whether you want to bring the whole family or check something out all on your own, you can create an experience by checking out some of the entertainment aspects Boise has to offer.

boise entertainment

Concert Venues

What would a city be without small and intimate performing venues? Boise is lucky to have a collection of venues that invite artists from all walks of performing arts world. From arena shows to outdoor venues to hip concert halls and everything in between you can see up and coming to the most popular artists.


boise annual events

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Annual events for a community are something to look forward to each and every year. For Boise, with the returning of these annual events, you can expect them to be bigger and better each year. One of the most rapidly growing events that the city hosts is Treefort Music Fest. This festival is a prime example of how unified the boise community is. The festival has even been named the cities cultural ambassador. Along with Treefort, the city also hosts a set of other diverse themed events.



boise area shopping

With how quickly Boise has grown, there are many different parts that have their own centralized communities. Each of these locations are tailored for a shopping experience worth exploring. Shopping centers, outlet malls, outdoor malls, and tons of stores can be found at any of these locations.


boise professional sports

A key part of Boise life, is the love of sports that the community shares. Sporting events in the area are great for all ages. Boise State University is the center for all football lovers, and the tailgates aren’t bad either. More than football, Boise has a semi-pro hockey team and baseball team. You can watch the Idaho Steelheads Hockey team play at the Centurylink Arena for the ultimate experience. As for the Boise Hawks, you can find them playing at Memorial Stadium.


Idaho is often known as being a low testing score state for primary schools. But what’s notable about the Treasure Valley, is that seven of the 10 highest scoring schools at the primary level, are included in the Boise area. When it comes to higher education, there are 4 major campuses. Boise State University is located in the heart of the urban area, and is continuing to grow as a strong collegiate contender. As for the the other colleges, they are located in nearby areas like Nampa, and Caldwell.

boise univerties and colleges

Image Credit: Boise State University

Boise School District

The Boise School District has 33 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 senior high schools.


boise landmarks

Being the capital city of Idaho, Boise includes some of the most historic and monumental sites to see in the state. For anyone visiting or just moving here, these are must see landmarks. Even for locals these sites continue to be included on the list of fun things to do.


boise companies & businesses

Employment and the types of companies that are included within any given city can be a major deciding factor for anyone looking to move, or advance in their already existing career. Boise is the host of some of the top companies in the state. The largest employers include the likes of technology, food production, energy, and manufacturing industries.


Spring is at its peak and summer is just around the corner. Whether you’re planning a trip to Boise for your summer vacation this year, or whether you’re a resident looking for fun stuff to do, the summer is a great time to see Idaho’s most populous city come alive.



Fall in Boise is considered to be one of the most beautiful times for the city. One of the more popular nicknames for the town is the ‘City of Trees.’ So the fall is when the City of Trees lives up to the nickname and truly gets to show off its beautiful colors. And with the changing of seasons, also comes different activities and adventures that are available in the area. Here’s your chance to seize the season and enjoy Boise in the fall with all of these fun ideas.



The best part about winter in Boise means that the snow isn’t something that’s going to hold you back. Whether you want to get away for a weekend of skiing, or just have an experience in town there is a little something for everyone. Surrounded by multiple ski resorts, Boise is the hub for fun and annual winter events.



Spring in Boise is considered to start about mid-March. But every year the start of Spring seems to vary, but never the less Boise has a beautiful charm to it when Spring does hit. We’ve put together a list of some ideas that will work no matter the unpredictable weather. Here are some indoor and outdoor activities to help guide what do in Boise during the Springtime.


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