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Boise has plenty of wonderful locations to visit, whether it be parks, museums or a place to get away, Boise has a wide range of amazing areas to visit. Get close to nature on the Greenbelt or attend a local game at Boise's local teams: Boise State University Football, Idaho Steelheads Hockey and Boise Hawks Baseball. If sports aren't your thing Boise also offers great locations for music concerts and festivals.


The Boise Greenbelt was first conceived in the mid-60s and started with two or three small parcels of land being donated to the city in an effort to work towards to plan of a greenbelt. With time the city of Boise acquired more and more land for the Boise Greenbelt Project. It is now one of the major “landmarks” that contributes to the vibrancy of the city.

The Greenbelt is lined with attractions and parks that offer unique activities including the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.


Greenbelt Safety Tips


Just after the turn of the of the 20th century, Boise soon found itself being home to more and more Basques. According to the book Moon Idaho by James P. Kelly, Basques set up a home-base in Boise in large part due to sheep herding: “It was a job that they could get without needing to speak English and that few others were willing to take because of its solitary nature.”

Boise eventually ended up with the largest Basque population in the entire country. As well as the third largest Basque population of any city in the world.


Basque Market Place


Located on the corner of Capitol and Main Street in Downtown Boise, the Egyptian Theatre is nestled in a place that is centralized to most Boiseans. The true magic of the Theatre isn't its Downtown Boise location, or the fact that celebrities make it a must see when they visit Boise, but the architecture is a true marvel.


The Egyptian Theatre


No better way to spend your Saturday mornings than at a local farmers market, getting out of the house and supporting local businesses! We’ve got multiple farmers markets in the area, why not check them all out?

  • Boise Farmers Market
  • Capital City Public Market
  • Meridian Main Street Market
  • Eagle Saturday Market
  • Nampa Farmers Market
  • BONUS: 34th Street Market
  • BONUS: Farm to Fork Farmers Market


Meridian Main Street Market


Visit Totally Boise's season guide to access all of Boise's Seasonal Activities including sports, festivals, special events and other amazing Boise destinations.

The summer months in Boise are hot, fun and fantastic. Whether you’re planning a trip to Boise for your summer vacation this year, or whether you’re a resident looking for fun stuff to do, the summer is a great time to see Idaho’s most populous city come alive.

Fall in Boise is considered to be one of the most beautiful times for the city. One of the more popular nicknames for the town is the ‘City of Trees.’ So the fall is when the City of Trees lives up to the nickname and truly gets to show off its beautiful colors. And with the changing of seasons, also comes different activities and adventures that are available in the area. Here’s your chance to seize the season and enjoy Boise in the fall with all of these fun ideas.

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