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Boise Goathead Fest 2021 Announced! Find Out How To Rock The Spot.

The quirky, weed pickin’, costume rockin’ bicycle fundraising event is back for its 2021 fundraiser. Hosted by the Boise Bicycle Project, the foundation is throwing its annual parade and party on August 28th. The event is also proudly partnered with Lost Grove Brewing, MiiR, and The Morrison Center.  Totally Boise has teamed up with BBP to help boost the festival's cause and help in the eradication of those pesky invasive weeds, the goathead.

Come check out the Totally Boise booth for some amazing swag! The first 100 people to the Totally Boise booth will receive a free tote filled with exclusive gear like a sticker, bike bell, tire lever, and other secret goodies you’re going to want. You will also have the chance to put in for two raffles! One is for your chance to win two free chairs from Wild Pace, and the other for an exclusive Totally Boise Strider bike.

We can’t wait to meet you Keep reading to learn more about the Boise Goathead Festival.

Street ride on the 2021 Goathead Fest in Boise

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Goathead Fest 2021

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Goathead Fest 2021

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Pedal-Powered, Wonderfully Weird, and Bonafide Boise Event Funds Bikes for Kids

You aren’t going to want to miss this classically Boise event. And you can rest assured that your involvement is 100% for a good cause. The Boise Bicycle Project works year-round to empower kids, the homeless, and other various Boise residents in bike education and maintenance along with access to affordable bike parts. The money generated from the event will go into funding their community outreach and events throughout the year. And participating will be a day packed with fun, good beer, and rockin’ music.

The Schedule of Events

  • 10 am - Pre-Party and Last Minute Registration
  • 11 am - The Pedal-Powered Parade Begins!
  • 11:30 am - Boise Goathead Fest. Officially Begins at Cecil D. Andrus Park, The Dance Commander Bike Boom Dance Experience
  • 12 pm - Hip Hop Lowrider Show by Eleven and Jason D
  • 1 pm - Goathead Runway Show & Costume Contest with Penelope Windsor
  • 1:30 pm - Dance-Off Bicycle Boogie with The Dance Commander
  • 2:30 pm - Drag Queen Story Time and Kids Ride with Miss. Penelope Windsor
  • 3 pm - Headliners the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Bring the Funk to Goathead
  • 4:15 pm - Hip Hop Bicycle Block Party Finale with DJ Jason D
  • 5 pm - Last Chance to Support Local Vendors and Say Goodbye to Goathead Fest. 2021

Here’s How The BBP Says You Can Participate


We need you to pre-register! We really, really do. By pre-registering, you’re doing a lot to help us know who and what to expect down at the Capitol on August 28. Registration will take you under 5 minutes, and you have options.

  • A suggested $6 registration donation gets you this year’s BGF patch (designed by Kelly Knopp)!
  • But as always, participation in the parade and festival is totally free.
  • You can choose the $6 registration or the $0 registration and go from there.
  • Either way, please pre-register!.
  • And then get ready to rock the spot.
Pedal-Powered, Wonderfully Weird and Bonafide Boise Event Funds Bikes for Kids

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Want More? Become a BGF Official Ambassador.

We are seeking 100 individuals who live and breathe the magic of BGF. You few, you rad, you wonderfully weird folks will be true stokers of 2021’s event. And after the year we’ve all had,we need you more than ever. Invest $125 in BGF and the future of this festival, and proudly shout from the rooftops that you are an Official Ambassador. Not only does becoming an ambassador make you way cooler than your friends, you get a super special swag package, too, which includes…

  • A super-rare BGF holographic sticker for ambassadors only. Pick your favorite place to stick to this one, because you’re one of only 100 who get it
  • A verrrrrry limited edition MiiR Can Chiller. We will have a super small quantity of these available for sale at the festival (like fewer than 75), so the only way to guarantee you get one is to become an Official Ambassador. Kevin Belisle is cooking up our design, and we’re keeping it top secret until right before the festival
  • A BGF tee shirt. Kelly Knopp is back with this year’s design
  • The 2021 BGF Parade Patch
  • 2 beverage tokens to be used at the fest
  • Aaaand, for the first time in the fest’s history, a BGF pin!

Your Official Ambassador swag package is valued at $75. And, of course, the pride you’ll feel from being a true believer in our lil festival is priceless.

Totally Boise is the exclusive media outlet for the BBP Goathead Fest 2021, so stay tuned for announcements in music and other news happening with the festival!

Boise Goathead Fest 2021 Announced!

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Boise Goathead Fest 2021 Announced!

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Why Goatheads?

If you’ve ridden a bike on the streets, sidewalks, or trails of the Treasure Valley, you’ve more than likely encountered a flat from a goathead puncture. Affectionately renamed “nutlets”, the BBP is looking to rally community engagement to pick the weeds in exchange for festival swag and the chance for free beer.

Goathead Fest 2021

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Goathead Fest 2021

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Goathead Fest 2021

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

THE BBP Gave Us These Guidelines For Goathead Picking:


  • Gloves
  • Heavy-duty trash bag (here's a favorite)
  • Carpet square (optional, but very helpful)
  • Hori Hori tool for really hard ground (optional, but very helpful, available at North End Organic Nursery)


  • Pull from the center and remove the entire plan and its taproot. If the taproot breaks off, that's ok.  If the ground is extremely hard, use something similar to the Hori Hori tool to cut the plant off at the taproot. Be careful not to let any of the goatheads shake loose and fall to the ground.
  • Carefully put the entire plant and its attached nutlets into the garbage bag
  • Check the ground for loose goatheads. Sweeping or patting the ground with a carpet square is a good way to pick up any rogue goatheads
  • Check your shoes and bike tires to make sure you're not spreading goatheads to a new location
  • Seal/tie the bag and make sure it doesn't break open during transportation
  • Repeat till the bag/s are full and throw them away. (Do not throw goathead plants into your compost bin!!)
  • Drop your goathead haul off at the North End Organic Nursery at 3777 W Chinden Blvd
  • Take before and after photos of your hard work! Send your pictures and picking location to us below!
  • *Do not bring goatheads to the park on Aug 28th
Pedal-Powered, Wonderfully Weird and Bonafide Boise Event Funds Bikes for Kids

Photo Credit: Boise Goathead Fest

Read more about the invasive weed here:

Goathead Collection Page | Record Pullings

So go register, start planning your group or solo bike parade costume, and be sure to come check out the Totally Boise booth for some TBA swag and cooling activities at the Cecil D. Andrus Park!

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