The Proper Place To Gather In Boise

"Anything less just wouldn't be proper."

New to downtown Boise, Western Proper has expertly curated an elevated day-to-night world-class experience. The meticulously customized 10,500 sq. ft. space is open 7-days a week, serving elevated American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Co-founders Cary Prewitt and Melissa Levick were deliberate with every inch when designing Western Proper. Featuring vintage leather furniture, vintage taxidermy pieces, and western influenced wallpaper, Cary and Melissa's objective is to encourage guests' to gravitate to an area where they will have an exceptional one-of-a-kind experience.

“We wanted Western Proper to be approachable yet elevated,” said Melissa.

More than just an eatery, every individual space provides an exhilarating experience. Western Proper features two bars, a large communal table, four mini-bowling lanes, an adult game parlour, patio dining, fourteen 75-inch TVs for sports goers and coming-soon, live-music.

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Car Wash

Planning to explore Idaho this summer? Bring your vehicle to Bluebird Express Car Wash when you finish your adventure.

With three locations, Bluebird Express Car Wash is focused on being the best car wash in Boise with industry leading equipment, more high pressure water than others, eco-friendly cleaning products, and top-of-the-line personnel to ensure an excellent wash and a top-notch experience.

Based on experiences honed from a car detailing business he started at age 16, President and Founder of Bluebird Express Car Wash John Michael Fery has a passion for customer satisfaction and five-star wash quality. Check out their reviews to see for yourself.

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Bluebird | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag



Looking for a safe, energetic, and unlimited source of fun? Bounce to your heart’s content at Altitude Trampoline Park. This clean and professional, fun-focused park is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays, family gatherings, and make new friends. Through the summer, kids can attend their daily camps and burn off some of that endless energy. With a membership, the bouncing can literally be endless. Exclusive events and premiere prices make this deal too good to be true.

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Wild Experience

Summer is in full swing, and Wild Experience Gear wants to keep Idahoans safe while exploring Idaho and beyond. Camping; it’s an Idaho residents’ favorite pastime. It is essential to be prepared with a reliable medical kit and knowledge of potential camping injuries. Wild Experience Gear kits allow campers to not be hindered by minor injuries while exploring Idaho’s great backyard. Wild Experience shares 6 common camping injuries and how their kits can help during a time of need.

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Totally Boise

Treasure Valley Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center

Treasure Valley Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center want you to be proactive in protecting you and your family’s skin. Living in the Treasure Valley’s high desert, the sun can be hard to avoid. Luckily, there are many ways to reduce your risk of developing skin cancers and premature aging. Scan for tips from the providers at Treasure Valley Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center, on protecting yourself and your family from the sun!

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Independent Doctors of Idaho

Independent Doctors of Idaho Declaration of Independents

“We believe that patients should enjoy a high degree of control of their own medical care, including selecting their physicians and their medical facilities. We believe patients should have choices in treatment decisions shaped by information, independent of potentially conflicting interests. We believe that patients should have knowledge of the most affordable and efficient options, as health care costs are often hidden or confusing. We believe that informed patients are optimally positioned to make intelligent choices. We, the independent physicians of Idaho, declare that our commitments are to our patients and their personal care. Keeping our patients healthy and living independently are our goals. We work for you.”

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Elevated Hyrdration

Fatigued or feeling a little extra rough from last night’s celebrations? Simply dehydrated? Elevated Hydration has you covered. Featuring expertly formulated IV drips and booster shots, this team of passionate health professionals is going to get you into tip-top shape. You can enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating treatments in the luxury of their recently opened Boise drip lounge or in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or office with house calls just a click away.

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Salt Sanctuary

Owner of Salt Sanctuary, Christina Baylis has curated a conscious space that is welcoming to everyone in the community. Living up to its name, Salt Sanctuary's unique offerings where guests find release and retreat from daily stressors and toxins. Offering halotherapy, sound healing therapy, and massage therapy, Salt Sanctuary allows guests to relax in their own private oasis while enjoying many health benefits — both mentally and physically.

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Totally Boise

Castlebury Dental

Castlebury Dental has expanded its suite and can accommodate even more families than before. Providing state-of-the-art equipment and impeccable dental & orthodontic services, the doctors and staff are determined to provide you an elevated dental health experience. Castlebury offers flexible hours and amenities like Netflix and massage exam chairs. If that isn't enticing enough, Castlebury Dental is giving new and current patients a chance to win a Chevy Malibu.

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Wander Medicine

Focused on affordable, open-minded, and balanced healing, Wander Medicine treats individuals, families of all sizes, and workers. Instead of valuing their services with health insurance, the clinic offers 100% transparent pricing with a low monthly subscription rate. From wellness checks to urgent care and lab screenings, their team of passionate health professionals are passionate about treating whatever ails you. 100% owned and operated by the team at work, Wander Medicine’s target is your personal health and development.

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The SkinOwl

SkinOwl in Boise is not only improving skincare routines, but they offer a personalized experience unlike anyone else in the Treasure Valley.

Owner and Founder Annie Tevelin worked as a professional makeup artist in music videos and commercials for years before pursuing a graduate certificate in cosmetic chemistry, a decision that ultimately led to the creation of SkinOwl.

Located in Bown Crossing, SkinOwl uses clean, conscious, and vegan ingredients to rejuvenate and enhance your skincare routine.

SkinOwl offers a complimentary 40-minute skin treatment that includes an in-depth consult of your current skincare routine and a complete product try-on session that includes SkinOwl products,The GlowStick, and facial steamer.

Read all about our self-care day at SkinOwl and how you can treat yourself to an intentional skincare regime.

Book the SkinOwl Experience on IG @SkinOwl.

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Everwild Forest School

EverWild Forest School is a unique asset to the Treasure Valley and is the largest outdoor learning school in the U.S. Committed to educating youth from 18-month to 14 years old. Founder and Director Erica Hermsen brings an alternative way of learning to the children and their families, allowing students to use exploration and curiosity as their tool. Her love for conservation and education motivated her to open EverWild Forest School, and within one year, it has shown surpassing success.

The nonprofit school is a 100% outdoor educational program that harmonizes child-led and place-based learning that stimulates social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. EverWild is a reflection of the growing outdoor culture in Idaho. The enrichment program and new full-day lower elementary class allows children to learn and explore at their own pace while growing an appreciation for the natural environment that makes Boise a unique and beautiful place to live.

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As the leader in onsite computer science education, iCode knows that our youth are the future. Technology is embedded in every part of our daily routines — social media, internet searches, work, and more. As technology continues to advance rapidly, understanding and integrating computer science is crucial for kids. iCode Boise provides an excellent opportunity for students to further their technological understanding, grow soft skills, and make new connections in a fun environment.

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Longoria Game Truck

Unlike anything the Treasure Valley has ever seen, the Longoria Game Truck offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. These two brightly wrapped trailers bring the party to you! Decked out with the 6 gaming consoles, any game you want, and a VR experience that’s out of this world, this mobile experience is ready to entertain birthdays, festivals, or any event you have. The trailers are accessible for everyone and can be seen around town hosting the valley’s most heated gaming competitions.

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Van Lith Ranch

Since 1964, Van Lith Ranch has been responsibly raising beef cattle on the banks of the Payette River. Recently, two brothers, Joseph and Andy Van Lith, saw the impact of rising beef-packing prices due to the pandemic and knew there was an opportunity to adapt their pasture-to-table products. Despite the uncertain times of the pandemic, the Van Lith Brothers expanded their beef products to be more accommodating, local, and transparent.

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Coffee & Supply Co.

On a mission to provide space for locally crafted goods to be showcased and shared, Coffee and Supply Co. in Eagle offers local specialty organic coffee and unique fare.

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CHOW Public Market

With the initiative to remain loyal to locals, CHOW Public Market has created a space recognized for curating homegrown goods and eats made from talented markets.

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Real Estate
in Boise

Josh Cormier Realtor®

Raised in South Boise, Boise State University Alumn and rock star Treasure Valley Realtor, Josh Cormier of Weichert, REALTORS® - Property Hunters not only helps ease the search of looking for a home, but also serves as a resident expert in all things Boise. Sharing his love for summertime, Josh Cormier has helped us craft a list of the top 10 patios for outdoor dining in the Treasure Valley.

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Tyler Horn Realtor®

BSU Football Alumn and current Real Estate Agent and Partner at Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors, Tyler Horn, is profoundly knowledgeable about the Boise housing market. Offering free home assessments, Tyler goes above and beyond and has become a reliable resource for residents in the Treasure Valley. Tyler's ability to understand the wants and needs of potential and current clients leads to a refreshing approach to real estate. Being family-oriented, Tyler shares 10 family-friendly activities to enjoy this summer.

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of Trees

Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Totally Boise is giving you the scoop on the newest nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable development of the Treasure Valley's urban forest - Treasure Valley Canopy Network. One of Boise’s most cherished features are the trees that provide beauty, shade, wildlife habitat, clean air, and many other environmental assets. In partnership with the City of Boise and Council President Elaine Clegg, they support the City of Trees Challenge. With the residents of Boise, the Canopy Network will plant one urban tree within the city for every household plus one forest seedling in an Idaho forest for every resident by 2030.

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Calling all woodworking enthusiasts and inquisitive hobbyists searching for a new medium. Woodcraft in Boise has been locally family-owned and operated for the last 16 years and seeks to empower those who want to get crafty. Their shop is filled with any wood-related products you could need, as well as hosting demos and professional woodworking classes. You can watch the demos live or get your hands on some real wood projects and meet fellow fanatics.

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Hinterland Manufacturing

Now open for business, Hinterland by Woodcraft is your exclusive completely customizable home storage construction resource. That pesky clutter will suddenly go poof with the design of your own kitchen cabinets or closet system. From the team that seeks to empower and encourage all wood enthusiasts, you can put the power of professional renovation into your own hands. Take full advantage of their knowledgeable staff and the vast variety of products available in store. It’s truly one-stop shopping.

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The Void

Passionate about showing that good food can be 100% plant-based, The Void food truck will surprise you with its nearly-identical dupes and fantastic flavors.

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Fly Food Truck

Dubbed Idaho’s First Chicken Wing food truck, Fly Food Truck offers new flavors and combinations that are cluckin’ good.

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Whether you are a resident or visitor of Boise, chances are you have heard of The STIL ice cream. What started as a location in the BoDo district of downtown Boise has grown into a valley-wide favorite. The STIL, known for creating unique flavors with real ingredients, has become a staple in Boise since 2017. With a second location in Southeast Boise, The STIL is excited to announce their third location opening this summer!

New Location: 13 S Latah St.

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Paddles Up Poké

A Hawaiian staple turned Boisian favorite dish, Paddles Up Poké, dishes up high-quality seafood and ingredients. As the Official Poké of The Boise State Broncos, Paddles Up Poké bowls are packed with brain fueling nutrients and natural flavors. Their custom and innovative bowls feature traditional ingredients as well as creative elements like their cult favorite blue sushi rice. An essential Boise eatery, Paddles Up Poké supports BSU's students and has been voted Best of Boise in many categories.

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Hammer Down River Excursions

If you are looking for an authentic Idaho adventure, Hammer Down River Excursions offer the experience of a lifetime. Because of their unique location in Whitebird, Idaho, they give their guests access to some of Idaho's most remote and hidden landscapes. Each US Coast Guard certified boat is well equipped to tackle any rapid to get you to the classic Idaho scenic location or fishing destination. From the deepest dam - Hell's Canyon, to whitewater on the Salmon River, you can turn to Hammer Down for a fun, safe, and memorable Idaho experience.

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Connecting Fiber Optics to The Treasure Valley

CTC Telecom serves over 40+ subdivisions in the Treasure Valley and is expanding rapidly. Able to service thousands of homes and businesses within the metro area, contact CTC Telecom for fast, efficient, and competitive rates.


Featured CTC Clients

Hidden Springs

Nestled in the Dry Creek Valley on the backside of the Boise foothills, CTC is able to service remote communities like Hidden Springs easily; providing efficient Internet and additional services.


“CTC is solid and reliable. Their combination of service and technology is second to none.” - Kris Lloyd, President of webmarkets

Fat Guys Fresh Deli

“We’ve had them for 10 years, never had any problems, and their pricing is competitive.” - Owner Chef (Walter) Wally Williams


CTC ensures large communities like Tuscany always have optimal internet speeds by minimizing port sharing within the community.


Listed as one of the top amenities offered in the Patagonia community, CTC's fiber optics lines go direct to the home providing high-speed services for residents.

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CRISP | To-Go Spots

Kasino Club

The Kasino Club in the heart of historical Stanley, Idaho, is the perfect place for breathtaking views, good food, and live music.

Eurkeka! | To-Go Spots

Mountain Village

Mountain Village is a little hub in the middle of nowhere where you can find everything you need for a fun Sawtooth adventure!

Wanna Matcha | To-Go Spots

Sawtooth Contracting

Sawtooth Contracting is experienced in navigating cold climates and building homes that are true reflections of the geographical beauty in the Sawtooth Valley.

The STIL | To-Go Spots

Gerheim Gallery

The Gerheim Gallery allows guests to experience the wonders of the mountains, rivers, and lakes in central Idaho through photographs and other mediums.

Lucky Fins | To-Go Spots

May Family Ranch

Do you need a place for the whole family? The May Family Ranch is your first step towards the authentic Idaho experience.

mad Swede Brewing | To-Go Spots

Papa Brunees

Papa Brunees is a local favorite and the perfect solution to cure your pizza and calzone craving even while you are camping.


Old Idaho Penitentiary

Opening its doors in 1872, the Old Idaho Penitentiary housed over 13,000 incarcerated men and women with chilling stories and backgrounds. After closing in 1973, the Old Idaho Penitentiary preserved the jailhouse and converted it to a historic site for travelers and residents to explore the history of inmates. Sharing stories of inmates with the Behind the Walls podcasts and tours, the Old Idaho Penitentiary is constantly sharing its history and exhibits. Step back into time with Boise's iconic felonious roots.

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Boise Spectrum

Boise Spectrum is home to the largest movie theatre in Idaho, the only IMAX, and is surrounded by local eateries, craft beer, wine, artisans, and live music! This summer, Boise Spectrum is hosting free live music every Thursday beginning July 8th.

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Haute Foods

Say goodbye to the tedious tasks that make up your weekly meal planning. Haute Foods is a thoughtful, chef-prepared meal delivery service that has quickly taken over the home food scene for families across the Treasure Valley—and for good reason. The rotating menu at Haute Foods is designed with a deep understanding that great food experiences are more than just great ingredients. Chef Danielle and her team firmly believe how the food looks is just as important as how it tastes.

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