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Is Your Doctor Independent? Why You Should Look Into The Independent Doctors of Idaho Network

Is Your Doctor Independent?

Independent Doctors of Idaho (IDID) was formed in early 2013 to respond to the unprecedented number of physicians in the Treasure Valley and throughout Idaho becoming employees of large hospital systems.

As independent physicians and providers who own their own practices, independent physicians and IDID members have the freedom to diagnose and treat unencumbered by potentially conflicting interests.

Their motto states, “We, the independent physicians of Idaho, declare that our commitments are to our patients and their personal care. Keeping our patients healthy and living independently are our goals.”

When you chose an independent physician, you have a doctor who’s free to choose the highest quality and most affordable options for your care. IDID believes patients should remain open to explore the best, most affordable, and personal medical care choices for themselves and their families.

Independent Doctors of Idaho

Freedom to Choose What's Best for You

IDID believes their patients should have a high degree of control of their medical care, including the selection of physicians and medical facilities. IDID doctors understand when making choices in treatment, patients should be well informed about health care costs.

IDID believes patients should decide what hospital is the best fit for their medical procedures.

Independent Doctors of Idaho

Over 600 Providers

With over 600 providers in 33 specialties, IDID membership is growing, and its focus is putting medical care choice back into their patients’ hands. Because of their commitment to selection, the IDID network doesn’t limit patients to one facility, one doctor, or even one hospital.

Teamed up with Blue Cross of Idaho

Blue Cross of Idaho is reputable insurance who cares about patients. IDID and Blue Cross of Idaho have teamed up, offering innovative insurance plans all over Idaho. Patients shouldn’t be limited to quality care based on their insurance.

The IDID Network participates with Blue Cross of Idaho in new and innovative health insurance plans to the residents of Ada, Boise, Canyon, Elmore, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, and Washington counties.

Open enrollment for 2022 health care plans is November 1st through December 15th, 2021.


Independent Doctors of Idaho

Find an independent doctor for quality care, more choices, and lower costs

IDID’s Declaration of Independence

“We are an organization of independent physicians in Idaho. We own our practices so we are free to join our patients in choosing their best health care options.

We believe that patients should enjoy a high degree of control of their own medical care, including selecting their physicians and their medical facilities.

We believe patients should have choices in treatment decisions shaped by information, independent of potentially conflicting interests.

We believe that patients should have knowledge of the most affordable and efficient options, as health care costs are often hidden or confusing.

We believe that informed patients are optimally positioned to make intelligent choices.

We, the independent physicians of Idaho, declare that our commitments are to our patients and their personal care. Keeping our patients healthy and living independently are our goals.”

To find an Independent Doctor, visit their website here:

IDID Website

To learn more about health care plans through Blue Cross of Idaho:

IDID Insurance Website

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