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The City of Boise Is Calling For Your Nomination Of An Outstanding Local Hero

Last updated August 11, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the City of Boise has recognized the brave, heartfelt, and selfless heroism that occurs every day in the Boise community. The city has now called for nominations for individuals you feel have captured this social service without skipping a beat.

The practice of recognizing heroes become popular at the onset of the global pandemic. As our community was facing challenges unlike anything we had ever seen before, many people stepped up to help make sure others were taken care of.

No Act Too Small

And the city says there is “no act too small to be considered.” They could be someone who secured a fresh package of toilet paper when supplies were low, went shopping for someone who could not confidently go to the grocery store or helped entertain your kids during the uncertain and lonely times of lockdown. Or do you know a medical professional or essential worker who forged ahead, setting an example for others or positively affecting those around them?

No matter what, the last year and a half has been a beyond trying time for everyone and many different levels. Those who help others in the face of extreme trials are the true heroes in our world. Idaho is lucky and can call many of these heroes our neighbors or family. This is why the City of Boise is calling for you to nominate someone special.

Nominations are open until August 22nd, and nominees will be honored on September 16th.

To submit a nomination, click the button below:

Celebrating Our Community Heroes Form

Totally Boise Seeks To Honor Local Hero’s

In our own effort to help recognize our community’s heroes, we frequently do what we can to help uplift and support those who are committed to putting others first.

At the beginning of 2021, we helped rally support for local health care professionals to receive $2 coffee deals from a variety of Boise coffee shops.

Read more about that story below.

$2 Coffee for Treasure Valley Healthcare Workers

Earlier this year, Totally Boise also teamed with a local developer, Karl Pedersen, to help create Idaho’s first Boise Angels Home. This home will be a constant source of support for children and caregivers in the foster care system.

Read about Boise Angels Home here:

The First House Dedicated to Boise Angels in Idaho
The City of Boise Is Calling For Your Nomination Of An Outstanding Local Hero

One local business, Treasure Dental Lab took on creating face-shields in their facility which were sent all over the country during a call for supplies.

Read all about the locals here:

Treasure Dental Lab Create Face Shields During COVID-19 Pandemic

Renee Ellis of Sign Gypsies has become one of the leading resources for Hero signs in the valley. You might recognize her bright, bubble signage from areas all over Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and the surrounding area. You can read more about Renee’s business below.

Renee Ellis Creating Custom Messages Among Uncertain Times

Know a local, hero, story, group, and event that showcases the community-minded spirit of the Treasure Valley or Idaho? Email your story or lead to and we can reach out to learn more and possibly share their story in Local Stories.

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