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Mar 19, 2020

Local Owner Creating Custom Messages Among Uncertain Times

Renee Ellis, the local Boise owner of the yard greeting company Sign Gypies is joining with other affiliates across the country to bring smiles to those in quarantine due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Specifically, those in nursing homes, assisted living, etc. “Knowing that celebrations for things like birthdays and anniversaries are being canceled or postponed, we wanted to reach out and offer free greetings for those who are unable to celebrate together”, said Renee.

And, she is extending this awesome greeting to those that serve and have to continue working.

“Obviously, we're extremely grateful to all the front-line folks who can't self-quarantine, so would be happy to set up free "thank you" type greetings for them as well.“

Here are a few examples of signs that can be set up through Renee.

Boise Sign Gypsies
Custom Boise Signs
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Boise Business
Sign Gypsies in Boise
Examples of signs done by other affiliates around the country

If you're interested in brightening someone's day with a custom yard sign, please contact Renee and follow her on social media:

(208) 352-6525
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