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Boise Lands in Top 25 Places to Live for an 'Outdoorsy Lifestyle'

Last updated April 01, 2021 by Totally Boise

Boise has landed itself in the Top 25 places for an 'Outdoorsy Lifestyle.' A study conducted by Wilderness Times concluded this by factoring in Boise's 11 national & state parks, 429 nearby trails, residents close to local parks, and more. Sliding into spot 21, here is a list of all the outdoor activities that make Boise home.

Boise Foothills

While people in other states may take a stroll through their neighborhood, many locals flee to the Boise Foothills. With 190 miles to explore, the foothills are a regular activity for most residents, both human and canine.

Idaho Camping

Idaho is provided with four impressive seasons, but you will find that more people spend time camping than at home once that warm weather hits. Boise is close to popular camping spots, like Stanley, Lucky Peak and Warm Lake, to name a few.

*Other camping spots include: Burgdorf, Bruneau Sand Dunes, City of Rocks

Idaho Rafting, Paddleboarding, & more

Idaho has more than 2,000 named lakes, 8,941 streams and rivers, 1,478 named springs, and thousands of unnamed lakes and springs. Unsurprisingly Idahoans flock to the water during the warmer seasons. Whitewater rafting, kayaking, paddleboarding, and even surfing are among the favorites in Boise and nearby towns and cities.

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Idaho Hot Springs

Locals are spoiled by having the most usable hot springs in the nation. Idaho has over 100 hot springs for both residents and visitors to enjoy throughout the year.

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Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is hugely popular in the Treasure Valley and has trails for all levels. Polecat Gulch, Bogus Basin, and Table Rock are all great trails to ride! If you love traveling, McCall is only two hours away, and Salmon is a little over five hours — both with miles of trails to explore. If you are craving adventure but want to stick to town, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertsons Family Foundation Bike Park may be just for you, with 8 acres of tracks for all levels of riders.

*Other trails include Hulls Gulch,

Idaho Winter Sports

While many people may go into somewhat of a hibernation in the winter — not Idahoans, snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing, and other winter sports are highly sought after in the winter. An all-season recreation resort, Bogus Basin, is a short 45-minute drive from downtown Boise, with Sun Valley and Brundage ski resorts a 3-hour drive.

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Boise Parks & Recreation

With over 90 parks in Boise, it's safe to assume there is a park nearby your home. Riding through the Boise Greenbelt from park to park is a spring and summer must. Boise parks have features like tennis courts, bocce ball courts, soccer fields, disc golf, etc. Julia Davis Park in Boise is also home to Zoo Boise, and if you are lucky, you can ride by and say hi to Tafari and Jabri, our local giraffes!

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Boise, home to an abundance of outdoor recreation activities, it's impossible not to live an 'outdoorsy lifestyle'. From the year-round activities to breathtaking backcountry views, it's no wonder people love visiting and even moving to Boise. While we get to explore Boise and its amazing backcountry views, it's vital to keep Boise outdoors clean and well-maintained — that way, we can all continue to enjoy all the things that make Boise home.

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