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Totally Boise First Annual Pizza Weekend

Last updated June 15, 2018 by Totally Boise

Here’s to the best weekend of the year! June 21-24 will be the first annual Totally Boise Pizza Weekend where local pizza businesses can highlight a large pizza of their choice for $10. Totally Boise is striving to bring the community together for the love of pizza, because let’s be on honest… we can all agree on pizza when looking to dine out.

Before we introduce the amazing pies, there are a few tips to help you through the weekend. First, try somewhere new! There are six yummy participating businesses, so make sure to try a different restaurant you haven’t been to before. Next, leave a tip please! An awesome deal calls for some love, don’t you think? With that, make sure to purchase drinks and sides. Wash down the goodness with a cold one, glass of wine (try and envision the true Italian experience) or even a soda. Finally, check social media for updates throughout the weekend. We will be posting times when each pizza will be highlighted, and we would love to see where you go during the weekend. Don’t forget the hashtag #TBPizzaWeekend.

Now it is time to introduce the deliciousness:

First, is the ‘Maui Wowi’ from Red Bench Pizza. Located at 1204 S Vista Ave., Boise, ID, Red Bench is ready to immerse into the Boise community with a pizza that brings sweet, savory, and heat to the table! The pizza will be highlighted 4-6pm everyday of the weekend.

The Maui Wowi Pizza from Red Bench Pizza
The ‘Maui Wowi’

The Front Door will be highlighting a unique pizza, ‘Stout Mac and Cheese’. In the perfect location at 105 S 6th St., Boise, ID, this pizza will be one to remember! The pizza includes stout BBQ pulled pork, with mac and cheese, red onion, and jalapenos. What a treat!

The Stout Mac and Cheese Pizza from the Front Door
The ‘Stout Mac and Cheese’

Varsity Pizza is showcasing their ‘Ex-Girlfriend’. Yes, you read that correctly! The pizza includes their signature red sauce, salami, italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, arugula, and a honey drizzle. Varsity Pizza is located at 1435 N Eagle Rd., Meridian, ID, near other Varsity locations.

The Ex Girlfriend Pizza from Varsity Pizza
The ‘Ex-Girlfriend’

From Westside Pizza we have the ‘Carbivore’ pizza. The name explains itself, but we’ll list all the goodness for you. This pizza contains pasta, cheese, beef, and pepperoni with a pesto/alfredo sauce. Make your way to 8489 W Overland Rd., Boise, ID, and enjoy this pizza everyday of the weekend, from open to close. Our gift to you!

The Carbivore Pizza from WestSide Pizza
The ‘Carbivore’

Did someone say coned pizza? If you’re on the go this weekend, make sure to stop by Coned Pizza at 2976 E Overland Rd. #110, Meridian, ID! Due to the unique shape of the pizza, this deal includes two cones for $10! The special comes with a ‘Meat Lovers’ or ‘Veggie’ pizza.

The Meat Lovers and Veggie Pizza Cone from Coned Pizza
The ‘Meat Lovers’ and ‘Veggie’ Cones

Next, is the ‘Margherita’ pizza from the Wylder, located 501 W Broad St., Boise, ID. While a traditional pizza, the Wylder experience is one that cannot be compared to. With it’s ambiance and friendly staff you won’t want to miss this deal everyday of the weekend, from open to 4pm!

The Margherita Pizza from the Wylder
The ‘Margherita’

Thank you to everyone in advance for your support of this event! Here’s to a weekend full of pizza! If you want to learn any more about the Pizza Weekend, check out our page that explains all the deets' Learn More


**all images taken by Totally Boise




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