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School's Out! Summer Activities for the Kids

Last updated May 25, 2018 by Totally Boise

Summertime can be hard on parents; how are you going to keep your children busy and not just have their faces in front of a screen? Totally Boise has some suggested free activities, with exception of a few of camps, to entertain your kiddos.

The world's largest treasure hunt sits in the palm of your hand, right in your cell phone. There is an app called Geocaching, where you can go on an adventure to find different Geocaches, treasures, in your community. They are all different shapes and sizes, and can be right on the sidewalk or hidden within a park. Once you find one, you can fill out a logbook, share your experience, and put it back for the next person to find. Currently, there are 2,590 Geocaches in the Treasure Valley area. Look up the app on your phone - Geocaching.


There are always a ton of parks open all day long and a good amount offer different activities. There is Camelback park in the North End containing different trails to try, Kleiner park where you can give frolfing a try, Ann Morrison park where they have paddle boats for a low cost, and Settlers Park where there’s a ton of activities right in one area - fishing, a splash pad, a sound garden, baseball fields, horseshoe pits, and tennis courts. Go check out all the Boise parks this summer and see what they have to offer! offers two free games of bowling per day for the young ones! Just go to their website and register your child's name and they will be good to go. Note: This excludes cosmic bowling.


Summer movie nights are fun as well! You can find them playing in Boise, Meridian, and Nampa at local park nearby. Once the sun goes down, the movie will start, you can sprawl out with your blankets and pillows, and bring snacks to munch on. You can check out what movies are playing and when here:

Boise Showings Meridian Showings Nampa Showings

Have you heard of the Rock Hide and Seek craze? Get a flat rock, paint anything on it that you would like, and go out in the community to hide them! This is a fun and engaging way to get your kids interacting with the community. You can go on their Facebook page - “Boise ‘Rocks!’“ to see others who have painted rocks and have left clues for you to seek them out. Once you find a rock, you can hide it again (and leave a clue on their page if you would like) or keep it.

The Treasure Valley libraries are always putting on fun events to try. At the Boise Library! towards downtown, they even have new virtual reality equipment you can try. Call them and reserve the room for free for an hour! You will find libraries putting on different classes and events every week. For example, a Pokémon Club, a coding class, etc. All for free! Check your nearby library branch calendar for events and classes.


If you're looking for camps, some fun & unique ones your kids might want to check out are:





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