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Crave Delivery - Bringing Quality Food (From Around The Globe) and Unique Delivery Services to the Treasure Valley

Last updated December 01, 2020 by Totally Boise

Crave Delivery is Idaho’s new premier food delivery service, unlike any delivery concept you've heard of. Crave Delivery opened in October of 2020, hoping to create a more local and efficient process to answer the popular demand for food delivery. Totally Boise had the pleasure of touring Crave Delivery’s facility to witness firsthand the process that makes their delivery program so different from other competitors and why the restaurants housed at Crave Delivery are noteworthy.

What is Crave Delivery?

Located in Meridian, Crave Delivery is an elevated food delivery dining service. A collective of renowned restaurant partners with the mission of delivering high-quality food straight to your table.

Crave Delivery’s 15,000 sq. ft. facility houses 16 kitchen suites that craft award-winning and innovative recipes from chefs and restaurants all over the U.S. These culinary artists are excited to bring their restaurants and dishes to Treasure Valley. Over the past few months, they have been selecting, training, and working alongside their newly hired talented local chefs for each of their kitchens at Crave.

How Does Crave Delivery Work?

Crave makes it simple to order. Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you can scroll through any of the 16 affiliated restaurants and choose your meal. Unlike other restaurant options, Crave allows you to order separate meals from different restaurants, all made to order from the same facility. Crave’s integrated system provides for orders from several kitchens to be synced together, ensuring your meals are completed at the same time and ready to serve. Crave Delivery offers pickup and, of course, delivery.

No Third-Party Delivery

Built on providing quality service, Crave decided against outsourced delivery drivers. Crave and its restaurant partners maintain an ongoing training program. They require the drivers, who Crave refers to as mobile servers, to have knowledge of the chefs, menu, and the customer. In addition, Crave’s mobile servers are uniformed, complete with aprons, and drive Crave branded cars. All of this is only possible with hired employees who are an integral part of the Crave team!

Investing in Our Boise Community

Not only does Crave Delivery have award-winning chefs and teams from all over the world that travel to the Treasure Valley to share their passion and their award-winning dishes. They are hiring and training local Boise chefs to work alongside them in their kitchens. The chefs provide one-of-a-kind lessons on how to prepare each meal–– such as the selection of produce, temperature control, and food presentation. Fully embracing its hospitality-focused culture, they pay their “mobile servers” three times more than the average competitor. They also work with local Boise favorites. All of this reinforces their commitment to the community and a quality experience of their cuisine.

Including Local Restaurateurs

Based on a popular downtown destination, Lemon Tree, owner Jasson Parra will be featuring a similar food concept at Crave Delivery. The Grove by Lemon Tree will be an extension of its sister-store and offer local artisan sandwiches and specials. Look for more local restaurants in the near future.

Crave Delivery is rooted in the Boise community through its co-founder Barry Werner, owner of three local restaurants, the Owyhee Tavern, Tavern at Bown Crossing, and Tavern at Eagle Island. Werner brings to Crave Delivery localized knowledge of Treasure Valley consumers along with his savvy business experience.

Quality Over Everything

Everything about Crave Delivery stems from a mission to deliver an elevated experience. From the mouthwatering food, hands-on training, top of the line equipment, and service. Crave Delivery is all about changing the dine-at-home experience. While Boise is the home base for Crave Delivery, there are already plans for 10 more Crave Deliveries around the U.S by the end of 2021.

“The Treasure Valley is the perfect place to launch our first Crave location. “We are thrilled to be able to bring these amazing restaurant concepts to the Boise area and to truly elevate the food delivery experience in our community.” –– Boise restaurateur and co-founder Barry Werner

Crave Kitchens

Order from any of these delicious restaurants through the Crave Delivery App!

Download the Crave Delivery App: Apple Store Google Play Store

  • Mac ‘n Cue by International Smoke from Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry
  • Tony G’s Pizzeria - by Tony Gemignani
  • Betelnut – menu by Cecilia Chiang
  • Elliott’s Oyster House
  • Percolate Tea
  • Rockhouse Sliders
  • StirFire - by Gerald Chin and Michael Mina
  • The Grove - by Lemon Tree
  • Tokyo Hot Chicken - by Michael Mina
  • Wicked Elixirs - by Matthew Biancaniello
  • Wing Dome
  • The Peached Tortilla - by Eric Silverstein
  • Tokyo Hot Chicken - by Micheal Mina
  • Omakase Umi
  • Mèrite Bakeshop - by Chef Lincoln Carson




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