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The Salvation Army Boise: Building a Sustainable Living for Families

Last updated November 06, 2020 by Totally Boise

The Salvation Army Boise has been helping the local Idaho community for over 100 years. With their spacious 45,000 sq. ft community center — which opened in October 2019, The Salvation Army’s community center offers educational courses, childcare, a food pantry, recreation services, and more to help our growing community. As Totally Boise toured The Salvation Army’s new facility, it became evident how dedicated they are to the Boise community.

Totally Boise and The Salvation Army Join Forces

As we toured The Salvation Army Boise facility, heard success stories, and saw firsthand the effort that is put into our community, our decision to help became an easy one. One of the greatest attributes of Boise is the outpour of community support — as The Salvation Army’s premier sponsor the Red Kettle Kickoff, Totally Boise wants to share all of the support The Salvation Army does for the community, but also, encourage others to get involved, or utilize any of the amazing programs if you are in need of support during this time.

Rescuing Christmas with The Red Kettle Kickoff

You see them all over town annually at Christmastime — The Salvation Army bellringers! To kick off the Red Kettle Season, The Salvation Army hosts an annual event called the Red Kettle Kickoff. However, the Red Kettle Kickoff will look a little different this year. Due to COVID-19, The Salvation Army cannot host its annual in-person kickoff event. COVID-19 has also caused some additional challenges for their traditional bellringing season - stores have closed, unemployment rates have risen, consumers are starting to carry less cash, and many have switched to online shopping. During a time when the community’s needs are greater than ever, The Salvation Army will also have more challenges in raising funds this year.

The Salvation Army in Boise

Keeping it local is vital to The Salvation Army — while touring the facility, their motto was clear, “the money raised here, stays here.” In 2019, The Salvation Army Boise had 20,277 pantry recipients, paid $49,285 in utility bills, and helped over 5,100 residents in seasonal support alone.

By keeping funds local, the non-profit organization not only creates a more sustainable city, but they get the chance to work closely with the people they are helping. Their programs are specifically designed to fill the needs of our Boise community.

The Salvation Army Programs

One of the unique features of The Salvation Army is that they wear multiple hats throughout the year. Families have different needs — which is why The Salvation Army offers different seasonal assistance and programs. These flexible and ever-changing programs allow The Salvation Army to help as many residents as they can. Some may say their biggest focus is education. Here are a few of their services:

Booth Young Parent Program

The Salvation Army has a campus for young mothers called Booth Young Parent Program. Through a flexible program, The Salvation Army helps teen mothers achieve their goals to have a sustainable future, obtain a high school diploma, and build healthy families.

Pathways Out of Poverty

Along with a pregnant and parent-teen program, they provide education on breaking generational poverty. Through education, case management, and constant support The Salvation Army has lifted clients from poverty to financial stability - giving them a helping hand towards a brighter future.

Other Programs from The Salvation Army Boise:

Getting Ahead

Client Choice Food Pantry

Seasonal Assistance

Emergency Disaster Relief

Photo Credit:The Salvation Army

Challenges of COVID And How You Can Get Involved

“COVID-19 has introduced a huge challenge this year. It has created a bigger need for us to fill, but it has also decreased the number of traditional red kettles you’re used to seeing on street corners and at store entrances each Christmas season” — Salvation Army Representative.

More determined to help the Boise community, The Salvation Army is encouraging people to donate in other ways.

Rescuing Christmas Donors

Kettle Partners

The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise

Kickoff Partners

The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise
The Salvation Army Boise | Totally Boise

Santa's Helpers

George & Bev Harad


Donations are what keep The Salvation Army assisting the community. While monetary donations are highly appreciated, there are other ways to get involved. Volunteering is another helpful way to get involved in the Boise community.

Many sponsors have already committed to helping the Boise community. Without these donors, many families would be struggling this holiday season! Take a look at some of the donors who have already donated to Rescuing Christmas and click the link below to see how you can help make someone’s Christmas special.

Totally Boise, Totally Supports The Salvation Army Boise

As one of Boise’s biggest advocates, Totally Boise is always looking for ways to support our local community in need. Partnering and supporting The Salvation Army allows community members to get involved by helping some of the families in need in our city. Get involved with our community this holiday season by volunteering or donating to The Salvation Army.




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