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Boise Co-op & Idaho Power Join Renewable Forces

Last updated October 08, 2020 by Totally Boise

Boise Co-op — Joining forces with Idaho Power, the Boise Co-op, will soon produce 100% renewable energy. The Boise store already sources 86% renewable energy, but come 2021; they will source 100% renewable energy. Sourcing energy from solar and wind, using renewable energy has many advantages including numerous health and environmental benefits.

What is Idaho Power’s Green Power Program?

The Green Power Program from Idaho Power is a program for anyone interested in switching to cleaner energy usage. Idaho Power offers two ways for people to sign up.

  • Block Option
    • The block option is a great way to start using cleaner energy without committing to it fully. For every dollar added to your bill,100 kWh of renewable energy will be used.
  • 100% Option
    • If you are ready to dive in and commit to cleaner energy, this option is the way to go. The best example is on Idaho Power’s site. Say you use 725 kWh of renewable energy; $ 7.25 gets added to your monthly bill. It’s simple and easy.

How can you benefit from renewable energy?

Making the switch to renewable energy is beneficial to everyone. Boise Co-op’s pledge to go completely renewable will help lower greenhouse gas emissions; which in a year for the co-op can be comparable to removing 1,890 tons of carbon dioxide. Lowering greenhouse gas emissions can have environmental benefits, which in return is great for the community and the world.

Boise Co-op and Idaho Power Join Renewable Forces
Boise Co-op and Idaho Power Join Renewable Forces

As if we needed another reason to love shopping at Boise Co-op, going 100% renewable energy is great for the environment and lowering emissions. Known as a unique local gathering place, the Boise Co-op strives to make the world a better place for its members and community. Idaho Power plans to facilitate 100% clean energy by 2045.

Boise is also taking steps with the Climate Action Division, pledging to 100% clean energy by 2035. Read more about it here:

Boise is Taking Bold Steps to Address Climate Change Article




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