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Feel at home at Meridian’s Divine Wine, Cork & Fork

Last updated September 21, 2020 by Totally Boise

Nestled in downtown Meridian, Divine Wine, Cork & Fork offers wine, coffee, food, and a cigar lounge for their guests. The “at home” decor creates a relaxed and cute atmosphere that leaves guests wanting to stay awhile.


Giving a preview to the variety of wine offered, you are instantly met with racks of wine on display. While looking through the wine and beer list, you can taste a wine before committing to a bottle or glass. The staff is knowledgeable and wants their guests to find a wine that fits their pallet. The Decoy Chardonnay and was a win for Totally Boise.

Divine Wine Cork & Fork Wine


Divine Wine, Cork & Fork offers a menu filled with small plates, salads, and entreé dishes. Totally Boise got the chance to try some of the delicious food on the menu. Totally Boise recommends starting with classic garlic bread and olive oil/vinegar and brussel sprout appetizer. The margarita pizza was incredibly delicious and filling off the appetizer menu, while the salmon course was cooked with flavor and the perfect lemon zest.

Divine Wine Cork & Fork appetizer
Divine Wine Cork & Fork entree

Cigar Lounge

In addition to the fantastic food and wine offered at Divine Wine, Cork & Fork, they offer cigar varieties. Upstairs and separate from the dining side of the establishment is a cigar lounge.

The discrete and almost hidden room takes you up an older set of stairs and into a cute attic-like room. The ventilation system upstairs prevents smoke from lingering. Sit back with a glass of wine, cigar while enjoying the sports t.v. and good company.

Divine Wine Cork & Fork cigar room


Divine Wine, Fork & Cork‘s at home feel is set by the seating options throughout the home-styled restaurant. The restaurant is surrounded by a white picket fence, where you can choose to sit in the front yard next to a cute pond, off to the side, towards the backyard or inside.

The cute at home look and feel of Divine Wine, Fork & Cork is what gets people to enter; the food, wine, and cigars keep guests coming back. If you haven’t tried Divine Wine, Cork & Fork, head over to Meridian to try it out!


Address: 1031 N. Main St., Meridian, ID

Phone: 208-887-6262




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