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New Addition to Hyde Park: Hyde Park Mercantile

Last updated September 11, 2020 by Totally Boise

Located on 13th Street, The Monteith Family (Owners of Hyde House) has expanded and added a new addition to Hyde Park: Hyde Park Mercantile. Business partners, Jill Monteith and Mark Croll worked together to bring what was once an idea in the making, to fruition. Hyde Park Mercantile not only represents Idaho, but it represents the North End community.

Hyde Park Mercantile Clothing Line

As if we didn’t already love Hyde Park. Known as a local hangout and a spot we tell everyone to go to while visiting, it’s about someone created a clothing line to represent the Northend. Hyde Park Mercantile sells Hyde Park Mercantile shirts with a Hyde Park logo as just one of their tees designs.

Hyde Park Mercantile Shirts

Did you know: Hyde Park ranked #6 on National Geographic's Most Friendly Neighborhoods in the U.S. in 2019.

Hyde Park National Geographic's Ranking

Build Your Own Succulent

One of the coolest features of Hyde Park Mercantile is that you have the ability to make your own succulent. The shop has several unique pots to choose from. Once you’ve got your pot and plant picked out, head over to the planting station to put it all together. The build your own succulent station is the perfect activity to enjoy and a great gift to give!

Hyde Park Mercantile Succulent

Represents Employees

Not only does Hyde Park Mercantile make an effort to showcase Idaho’s amazing local vendors, but they embrace the work their employees do as well. Amongst the vendors at Hyde Park Mercantile who work for The Monteith Family are:

  • Union 43
  • Candace and Co.Clothing
  • Wood Eye Designs
  • Dottie’s Homemade Aprons & Mason Jar Dessert Mixes

Local Produce on Saturday

Right outside on the front lawn is The Chef’s Farm. Every Saturday, The Chef’s Farm sells organic and sustainably grown produce and protein. Among the selection were pickles, jam, and ground beef. Carrots, potatoes, zucchini were also some of the produce amongst the selection of food to buy.

Hyde Park Mercantile The Chefs Farm
The Chef's Farm Website

Jill explained to Totally Boise that wherever Hyde Park Mercantile can resource locally from, they do. Hyde Park Mercantile has over a dozen Idaho vendors and is growing by the day. Check out Hyde Park Mercantile on Facebook and Instagram, or better yet, stop by!


Instagram: @hydeparkmercantile




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