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Get to Know the Faces Behind Downtown Boise

Last updated September 10, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

The vibrant downtown Boise atmosphere is easily recognized as something truly exceptional. From the funky public art to the small-town community energy, downtown Boise is unmatched.

Something about the easy-going, inviting atmosphere made up of Boise locals leaves you wanting to come back for more. Embracing locally sourced Idaho goods through delicious food, craft beers and wine, architecture filled with Boise’s history, unique art created by local Boise artists, downtown Boise stands out.

The question is: Have you ever stopped to think of who is behind the unique environment that makes downtown a place where we want to stay and never leave?

The Downtown Boise Association just launched its newest project, Upside Downtown Boise, a storytelling campaign to support downtown Boise and share stories of the people who dream it, bring it, and keep it thriving.

People of Boise

“It became clear that Downtown Boise is special not because of what is happening down here, but who is behind it all” - Jennifer Hensley, Executive Director, Downtown Boise Association

Every couple of weeks, a new story will be posted featuring someone who lives, works, or plays in downtown Boise. Some may be familiar faces and others will be the faces of those working behind the scenes. Each of these amazing people play a key part in downtown Boise’s charm and character.

Downtown Boise

You can find these stories on the website,, and on Instagram @upside_downtown_boise.

Do you know a special someone who is working to support downtown Boise? You can submit them to Upside Downtown Boise:

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