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Albertsons Drive Up & Go Program Makes Grocery Shopping Effortless

Last updated August 25, 2020 by Totally Boise

Albertsons is reinventing the grocery shopping experience. As we shift into this new digital era, Albertsons is following suit with its Drive Up & Go™ program. They offer free grocery pickup options at 31 convenient locations throughout the Treasure Valley and surrounding area.

Drive Up & Go™ program saves valuable time for anyone with busy schedules and supports individuals practicing social distancing. Each pickup location has designated parking spots for shoppers to park and call to alert the store that they have arrived. Groceries are then loaded by masked staff members into cars and off you go! Realizing the current pandemic is a problem in the Treasure Valley, Albertson pickups are free of charge.

Albertsons can also accommodate delivery to your location, for a nominal fee.

Totally Boise Recommends Albertsons
Totally Boise Recommends Albertsons Drive up and Go

How To Order Through Albertsons Drive Up & Go™

There are two ways to shop when choosing Albertsons pickup: (1) Order online through the Albertsons website (2) Download the free Albertsons Delivery & Pickup App. Both solutions are easy and convenient. All you need to do is pick out your groceries and select your Albertsons pickup location.

While other competing stores may offer pickup, Albertsons has added features that make virtual grocery shopping even more simple. A substitution button is located for each product, that allows customers to choose which products they are and are not willing to substitute. You can find the selection feature at the end of the ordering process. Albertsons also loves to source from local Boise farmers and vendors whenever possible, giving an even more “local” shopping experience.

From It’s First Location in Boise to Nationwide Success

Opening its first store in 1939 on 16th and State Street in Boise, Albertsons has since expanded to over 2,200 stores nationwide. In the last couple of years, Albertsons opened their next-generation Albertsons in Boise on Broadway in 2018 followed by its largest store ever. On Fairview in Meridian is Albertsons Market Street which opened in 2019. Both locations offer an extensive selection of local and fresh foods for customers.

Totally Boise Magazine Feature Albertsons
Totally Boise Magazine Feature Albertsons Drive up and Go

Albertsons Likes to Keep It Local

Being founded in Boise, Albertsons places great importance on supporting the community, that’s why they created Nourishing Neighbors. Nourishing Neighbors is a program that Albertsons established to help families who have been impacted during the current pandemic. The most incredible part about the program is that it is community-based. Customers can make a donation at the check stand, where the funds in return will go to individuals and families. Albertsons saw hunger relief programs were being stretched past its capacity, jumping into action quickly, Albertsons created the program and pledged $53 million in an effort to assist.

“There has never been a more important time to help our neighbors than right now,” said President & CEO Vivek Sankaran.

Albertsons’ goal is to help the community by being on the frontline during COVID- 19.

“We are asking our communities to join us in this effort to ensure that the COVID-19 crisis doesn’t also become a hunger crisis,” said Sankaran.

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