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What a New Boise Local Should Know About

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Fun Facts about Boise Idaho

  • If you ever pronounced Boise like “Boy-zee”, then you are saying it all wrong. Locals pronounce it like, “Boy-see” and yes, we can hear the difference.
  • Boise has the second largest Basque community in the United States (Boise Basque History)
  • The Boise State Broncos are the pride and joy for Boise locals. They play at Albertson’s stadium on a blue turf also known as the Smurf-Turf.
  • Boise has been named the #1 Adventure City in America by National Geographic 
  • Other cities drop giant glass balls to ring in the New Year, Boise takes advantage of Idaho’s fame for potatoes and drops a giant potato.

Who You'll Meet

Boise is known for having an overall friendly attitude. Waving, smiling, and talking with strangers is a normal occurrence here. If you're moving here from New York or California, don't be alarmed if you get a smile and wave while passing someone on the street. This might take an adjustment period to get used to but you will find this creates a strong, happy, and unique community.

The Boise Food Scene

Boise has some delicious restaurants all over town from hole in the wall places to fine dining! This list could go on for many pages but here are a handful that are an absolute must to try.

10 Barrel Brewing


10 barrel brewing started production in 2009 in Bend, OR and made its way to Boise in 2013. Lucky us! It’s the perfect place to grab a beer, burger, pizza and watch the big game or enjoy the company of some friends and family. A must for a Boise local!
Visit their website here: 10 Barrel Boise



Barbacoa is one of our fine dining restaurants with a fun atmosphere. The owner of barbacoa wanted to provide the Boise community with a restaurant that not only satisfies your taste but your other senses too. Hense, their motto “Stimulate Your Senses.” They serve everything from pasta, salad, seafood, to a flaming hot rock filet mignon. (Yes, it is actually in flames.)
Visit their website here: Barbacoa

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria


Flatbread is one of many favorites in Boise serving Neapolitan style pizza cooked in an 800 degree wood-burning oven. Their mission is to create authenticity by staying true to the traditional way of cooking this style pizza, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in Boise! Have kids? Well, they have a chance to be their own chef at Flatbread. They choose their toppings and your server will bring the dough and each selected topping for them to create the pizza of their dreams!
Visit their website here: Flatbread Pizza

Boise Fry Company


Boise is famous for Boise Fry Company, making it to “America’s Best French Fries” article and one of the top places to try if you’re visiting. They offer a variety of different potatoes from russet to purple. Then, you choose the style you want them- curly, homestyle, rounds, etc. Once you have your fries you can visit their sauce and seasoning counter for a wide variety options to customize your fries. If you’d like a burger on the side of your fries you can choose from bison, turkey, beef, and vegan. Each burger is made with local, natural, and grass-fed ingredients.
Visit their website here: Boise Fry Company



Bacon is the place to go for breakfast and brunch. The only requirement- you HAVE to get their bacon, I mean it’s all in the name. They offer BerryHill (chile-sugar), Spicy Hot, Kurobuta (Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Lavender), Maple Rosemary, and candied. If you can’t choose just one then get the Bacon Shots, a sample of every flavor! Seriously, if you’re new to Boise you have to try this breakfast/brunch/lunch spot!
Visit their website: Bacon


Places To Go


Steelheads Games


Hockey season is taken very seriously around here. You can expect CenturyLink to be packed at each game and the crowd to be rowdy! It’s the perfect family outing, guys night, girls night, or a date night. To truly become a Boise local, you have to experience at least one of these hockey games!
Visit their website here: Idaho Steelheads

Albertsons Stadium


“GO BIG BLUE!” Boise is proud to be home of the Boise State University broncos. Each game is filled with die hard Bronco fans, some even painted in orange and blue from head to toe. Winning the Mountain West Championship this last season, locals can’t wait for another exciting season! So, if you’re new to Boise we advise you to head to the nearest Bronco Shop and pick up some gear so you can fit right in.
Check out next season's schedule: Boise State Football

Boise Capital


As you know, Boise is Idaho’s state capital. It is a privilege to live in a place where Idaho history is made. Take a visit inside to see the beautiful architecture and learn about the history of this beautiful building.
Visit their website here: Boise Capital

Bogus Basin


Just a short drive away is the beautiful Bogus Basin recreational skiing hill. Boise locals look forward to the winter season so they can spend every weekend enjoying the world class groomed runs, powder, and freestyle terrain.
Visit their website here: Bogus Basin

Village at Meridian


The Village at Meridian is just about 20 minutes from downtown Boise. It has a variety of restaurants, shopping, arcade center, movie theater, fountain, you name it! It is the perfect place to have a date night or just hangout with your friends.
Visit their website here: Village at Meridian

Camel's Back Park


Camelsback is a beautiful park located at the North end of Boise. There is a playground for your kiddos, miles of hiking trails, volleyball court, tennis court, and one giant hill right in the middle for a short but challenging hike up the camelsback hill. Once you get to the top, you can enjoy the lush scenery of tree tops and the Boise community.
Visit their website here: Camelsback Park

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