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The Boise Grand Slam: Ever Heard of It?

Last updated May 29, 2024 by Totally Boise

Hey, Boise adventurers! Are you ready to challenge yourself and conquer some breathtaking views right in your backyard? Meet the Boise Grand Slam Peaks: Cervidae Peak, Kepros Mountain, Shaw Mountain, and Mount Heinen. This quartet of stunning hikes is not just a test of endurance—they're a ticket to some of the most unforgettable panoramas in Idaho. So lace up those hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and let’s dive into why these peaks are the talk of the town!

What are the Boise Grand Slam Peaks?

These 4 peaks were dubbed “The Grand Slam,” by Tom Lopez, an established hiker, climber, and writer. Tom moved to Idaho and began conquering its mountains in 1978. Since then, hes climbed over 900 peaks throughout his career. So, what's so special about these four? They aren’t the highest nor most difficult peaks in Idaho. So, why is it an accomplishment that many Idhao hikers strive to achieve? 

Tom started climbing these peaks consistently as a part of his Spring training since these peaks have very little snow earlier in the year. They provide a variety in terrain, allowing for a range of intensity. Furthermore, the peaks are all in the same area, not only providing convenience of training but is also what started the competition of hiking all four in record time. 

But aside from the usefulness, variety, and convenience, Tom says that these peaks are simply enjoyable, beautiful, and a “reunification of old friends.” I personally have done two of them and although they were challenging, the story behind them inspired me to keep going and enjoy every piece of the beautiful terrain. 

The Grand Slam consists of these 4:

Cervidae Peak (4.4 mi out and back) 

Quick and exhilarating, Cervidae Peak offers a rewarding climb with stunning panoramic views of the Boise River and surrounding landscapes from the summit. Ideal for catching a breathtaking sunrise or sunset.

Kepros Mountain (9.4 mi out and back) 

Known for its solitude and expansive vistas, Kepros Mountain features gentle slopes and open spaces, making it a serene escape where you can enjoy the quiet beauty of nature.

Shaw Mountain “Lucky Peak” (10.4 mi out and back)

Shaw Mountain, or Lucky Peak, offers a diverse trail experience with its lush forests, rocky vistas, and views of the shimmering reservoir. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a varied landscape and the opportunity to spot local wildlife.

Mount Heinen (9.5 mi out and back)

Mount Heinen is the most challenging peak, with steep climbs and rugged terrain, culminating in dramatic, sweeping views over the Boise Basin. It’s a rewarding hike for those who enjoy testing their limits.

Why Do It?

Each of the Boise Grand Slam Peaks offers its own unique landscape, ranging from sparkling lakes to rolling hills, ensuring a visual treat with every hike. Tackling these trails is not just about getting a good workout; it's also an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and meet fellow adventurers who share your enthusiasm. Completing all four peaks isn't just a test of endurance—it's a significant achievement that will earn you considerable respect and bragging rights within the local adventure community.


Unlike any other city, Boise allows you to transition from urban to untouched nature in a heartbeat. Each of these peaks brings its own flavor to the table, making the Grand Slam challenge a uniquely Boisean adventure. Whether you’re looking for a serene solo journey or a bonding experience with fellow hikers, these mountains cater to all.

But, conquering the Boise Grand Slam Peaks is more than just ticking off trails on your hiking list. It’s about embracing the beauty of Boise, challenging yourself, and enjoying every moment of the journey up those mountains. Cervidae, Kepros, Shaw, and Heinen await your footsteps, each ready to offer something wonderfully different.




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