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What To Know Before You Go: Farmer's Market Edition

Last updated May 09, 2024 by Totally Boise

Are you gearing up to explore the vibrant farmers markets in Boise? Whether you're a seasoned shopper or a market newbie, getting the most out of your visit can be as refreshing as a crisp apple straight from the farm. This guide is packed with insider tips and essential info to ensure your farmers market experience is nothing short of amazing. So grab your tote bags, and let's dive into the bustling world of farmers markets in Boise!

Plan Your Visit

Timing is Everything

Hit the stalls early to get the freshest produce and avoid the crowds. Most farmers markets in Boise kick off bright and early, so a morning visit is perfect for the best selection.

Know the Seasons

Shopping seasonally ensures you're buying the freshest, tastiest produce. Boise's markets flourish with berries in early summer, apples and pumpkins in the fall—knowing what's in season helps you plan your shopping route a little better.

Make a List 

Before you head out, take a moment to think about your meals for the week. Often, shoppers stroll through the market without a clear idea of what they need, missing the opportunity to incorporate fresh, local ingredients into their weekly meal plans. Preparing a grocery list based on your planned recipes can guide your purchases, allowing you to fully take advantage of the seasonal produce and unique offerings found at Boise’s farmers markets. This approach not only supports local vendors but also enhances the flavors on your dinner table.

What to Bring

Eco-Friendly Shopping Gear

Bring reusable bags, small baskets, and even a couple of larger canvas totes for those unexpected finds. Consider bringing a small cooler or freezer bag for meats, cheese, and other refrigerated items. If you’re planning on buying delicate herbs or flowers, a separate small container can prevent them from getting squished.

Cash or Card?

While more vendors now accept cards, cash transactions can make for quicker, easier purchases. Small bills are preferred, so stop by the ATM on your way. This is also a good way to track your money so that you don’t go over budget - for those who often overspend at exciting events like farmers markets.

Bring Your Furry Friends...Or Maybe Not?

Who doesn't love a little puppy companionship? Unfortunately, some markets: not all of them are pet-friendly. Double-check the pet policy of the farmers market you plan to visit. It’s a total bummer to arrive only to find out your four-legged buddy isn’t welcome, cutting your shopping trip short. So, a quick check before you go can save the day for both you and your pup! Keep in mind the atmosphere of Farmers Markets. Your dog should be leashed, well trained, and friendly. If your dog cannot handle crowded areas, please keep them back at home. Here are the pet-friendly rules at the Saturday Markets Around Boise.

Can I bring my dog?

Boise Farmers Market - NO 

Capital City Public Market - YES

Meridian Main Street Market - YES

Eagle Saturday Market - NO (service animals YES)

Nampa Farmers Market - YES

Fruitland Farmers Market - YES

Farm to Fork Market - YES (but not on the Indian Creek Plaza, only in the Farmers Market and surrounding walkways)

Navigating the Market

Stick to the Plan

Farmers Markets can be overwhelming, especially during their busy hours. When you arrive at the market, pick one end to start at and weave your way through the market in one direction. This allows you to see every vendor and keep an organized map of the market in your head in case you want to back track at any point. 

Ask Questions 

Don’t be shy! Farmers are usually passionate about their produce and happy to share recipes or tips on how to best enjoy their offerings. This interaction can also lead you to the best deals and discoveries.

Sample the Goods

Many vendors offer samples of their products, from slices of juicy, ripe peaches to crunchy homemade granola. It's a delicious way to try before you buy and find new favorites. Keep an open mind, you may find the unexpected, perfect addition to your kitchen or home 

Health and Safety

Stay Hydrated and Protected 

Bring a water bottle, wear comfortable walking shoes, and don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat. Consider a smaller, easy-to-carry bag over a large purse. That way, your money, sunscreen, lip balm, and other necessities are within easy reach throughout your whole trip. Staying comfortable will make your market day more enjoyable.


Boise's farmers markets are not just about shopping; they're an experience—a place to meet local farmers, connect with the community, and discover new culinary inspirations. With these tips in hand, you're all set to make the most of your visit, fill your baskets with the freshest fare, and perhaps even catch up with friends over a cup of locally roasted coffee.

Ready to explore? Check out our Saturday Markets page, complete with times, locations, and special vendor highlights. Happy shopping, and see you at the market!




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