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Your Ultimate Guide to Rodeo Season in the Treasure Valley

Last updated May 30, 2024 by Totally Boise

Hey there, rodeo enthusiasts! Are you ready to kick up some dust and dive into the heart-pounding excitement of rodeo season right here in the Treasure Valley? Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time spectator, this guide is your go-to resource for navigating the exhilarating world of rodeos in Boise. We'll cover everything from the basics of rodeo, to the must-visit events, what to wear, and savvy tips to enhance your experience. Saddle up and let’s ride into the sunset of fun and adventure!

Rodeo 101: Hold On to Your Hats! You’re About to Get Educated

A rodeo is the ultimate display of cowboy and cowgirl skills. A competitive sport that arose out of the practices of cattle herding by Spanish vaqueros and American cowboys, rodeos have become a summer staple in the Western United States. It is important to know the basics of rodeos so that you know what to expect before you go. 

You might be familiar with the famous bull or bronco riding that occurs throughout the rodeo, but you may be surprised by some of the other events.

What to Expect

Following the national anthem, introductions, and recognitions, the crowd is riled up by the rodeo clown. Rodeo clowns are down on the dirt entertaining the audience during the time in between events and competitors. During the rougher events, their job is also to distract the animals so that the riders can exit the field safely. Rodeo clowns keep the mood light and fun while communicating with the rodeo host, so that the crowd stay engaged and informed.

To kick off the rodeo, there is a junior league that competes first. These fun, captivating events are a lighthearted way to get the audience excited about the show. Some of these events include mutton busting (tiny-tot sheep-riding), calf roping (both individual & team), and junior bull riding (ages 8-12).

After the kids get the crowd excited and involved, the main events begin. A good rodeo will have all of the following, not necessarily in this order: Bareback and saddle bronc riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, tie-down/breakaway/team roping, and barrel racing.


Please note that some rodeo events, especially those involving calves, involve vigorous handling that can be intense to watch. While the animals are not harmed, the nature of events like calf roping and steer wrestling may be unsettling for animal lovers.

Must-Visit Rodeos in the Treasure Valley

  1. Eagle Rodeo
  2. Treasure Valley Rodeo
  3. Caldwell Night Rodeo
  4. Snake River Stampede

Bonus: Other Small-Town Rodeos

  1. Handlebars & Horns
  2. Kuna Stampede
  3. Jack Pine Round Up

Tips & Tricks: Making the Most of Your Visit 

Arrive Early:

Beat the crowds, get great parking, and secure a spot close to the action.

Pack Smart:

Bring sunscreen, a hat, and water to stay cool and comfortable under the Boise sun. If it is an indoor rodeo, like the Snake River Stampede, be sure to bring a small bag or purse so that security goes by smoothly. 

Learn the Lingo:

Familiarize yourself with terms like "chute," "bucking," and "lasso" to fully enjoy the commentary and competitions. Maybe do some research on the rules as well so that you can participate in the crowd engagement.

What to Wear 

Think comfortable, chic, and true Western style. A pair of well-fitting jeans paired with a breezy blouse will keep you cool and stylish. Don’t forget your cowboy boots for authenticity and comfort as you navigate the grounds. Top off your look with a classic cowboy hat to shield yourself from the sun and fully embrace the rodeo spirit. 

Rodeo season in the Treasure Valley is more than just an event—it’s a celebration of heritage, skill, and daring spirit. Whether you're cheering on bull riders, enjoying local food, or dancing to live country music, the rodeo offers something exciting for everyone. So gather your friends, don your best Western wear, and get ready to create some unforgettable memories!

Are you ready to experience the best of Treasure Valley's rodeo scene? Grab your boots and join us for a season of thrill and excitement. Let's rodeo, Boise!




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