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Expansion International Lifts People From Poverty to Opportunity

Last updated January 17, 2023 by Totally Boise

Expansion International wants to see people set free from poverty, lifted to opportunity, and transformed by the love of Jesus. They have been an organization since 2008 but have been building friendships in Kenya long before that. From the very beginning, their hearts have been struck by the difference a simple opportunity can make.

Being afforded the chance to go to high school can be the difference between being a lifelong day laborer and becoming a teacher. Receiving medication can be the difference between an infected finger that heals and getting that same finger amputated. And learning how to grow drought-resistant crops can be the difference between hunger and a full belly. (All of the above examples are real-life scenarios Expansion International has seen.)

Seeing people rise to a life brimming over with hope is what they work hardest for. Recently, the organization received an email from Cyrus, a young man who went through their high school sponsorship program and is benefiting from this opportunity several years later:


"On my University Graduation day, I would love to thank you for your support throughout my academic journey. I stand inspired by your efforts to see a small dreamless village boy rise to the high academic levels of the university. I am grateful to God that you came into my life when I nearly gave up. I am a happy man."


Opportunity. It is why Expansion International exists. They come alongside communities and people in rural Kenya and work with them to come up with sustainable solutions to the barriers they face. They do all this alongside their incredible sister organization in Kenya, which leads the work, and our army of supporters who make this dream possible.

See the fantastic work Expansion International is doing:

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