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StinaFace Creates Custom Makeup For You

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

As we propel into 2023, we are all out here trying to look and feel our best. We often forget that one of the easiest and most profound ways to do this is by embracing our natural beauty and features.

At StinaFace, beauty starts from within! The local beauty brand created by professional makeup artist Christina (Stina) Krasch is changing the beauty scene in the most fun way possible. Through her custom makeup blends and all-natural products, StinaFace’s mission is to create a brand that inspires you to unleash your inner beauty.

Stina is no stranger to the beauty industry. She began her career as an editorial makeup artist for fifteen years. However, the makeup maven also had a passion for Chemistry and soon started to develop products for the world's leading makeup brands. Taking everything she learned from both beauty spaces, Stina decided to start her own makeup brand, and so StinaFace was created.

It is a safe space for those ready to experiment with makeup, those looking to change their routine, and those already beauty junkies. Everyone is welcome and catered to at StinaFace because everyone deserves to feel beautiful.

Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise
Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise
Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise

Maybe She Was Born With It, Or Maybe It’s StinaFace

You know how people will say, "It looks like it was made for you"? Well, at StinaFace, it is!

StinaFace's Custom Blend services formulate a product based on your skin tone, desired coverage & finish. Stina will assess, mix, and create your custom blend right in front of you, making you wonder why you ever spent excessive time testing products in a beauty store.

But the Custom Blend isn't only for those that want their perfect shade of makeup. These services are also for individuals with skin concerns, allergies, and other special requests that aren't addressed by a standard, store-bought product.

The possibilities are endless at StinaFace! Warm up your foundation to give yourself an extra glow during winter, or dream up the perfect shade of holiday lipstick. Stina can also whip up a Custom Blend bronzer, powder, highlighter, lip gloss, or chapstick! Thinking about ditching your old routine and subbing in StinaFace? Try the CEO Makeover, where Stina will custom blend an entirely new and individualized makeup line just for you!

Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise
Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise

Exceptionally Curated Products

Affordable luxury is a staple at StinaFace. Stina is adamant that beauty should be accessible to everyone, which is why all her products are clean and affordable.

Every StinaFace product is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with you in mind. Stina's powders are all mineral based, and she carefully chooses ingredients for every mixture. Stina's industry knowledge and her background in science are showcased throughout her entire brand.

For those needing a little color inspiration, StinaFace also carries full-size, ready-to-go products in various shades and finishes. The best part of visiting the StinaFace boutique is that you can shop around and talk to the mastermind of the formulas simultaneously.

Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise
Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise
Stina Face Custom Makeup at Boise | Totally Boise

Ain’t No Party Like a StinaFace Party

StinaFace is the ultimate makeup watering hole and an excellent space for a beauty event!

StinaFace now offers private parties for you and your girlies to gather, drink rosé, and mix up your own lipstick or gloss (or both). Perfect for bridal parties, Galentine's Day, birthday celebrations, or simply an excuse to get together, a StinaFace exclusive event is sure to make your girl gang feel like royalty.

StinaFace also offers open shopping hours every Wednesday from 3-7pm for Beauty Happy Hour. So come on by and have a glass of bubbly while you shop!

And talk about the ultimate party favor! Each person in the group will walk away with a custom lipstick! A StinaFace party is sure to be an experience you'll remember every time someone asks what shade you're wearing.

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