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Perspire Sauna Studio Melts Away Stress and Toxins Through Infrared Light

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Who says being sweaty is unappealing? We would sweat all day, every day, if it meant we could do it at Perspire! Perspire Sauna Studio is here to transform your health and wellness. Through the modern science of infrared and red light therapy, Perspire Sauna Studio detoxes the body, relaxes the mind, and helps you burn calories.

The beauty of Perspire is that to reap the benefits of each session, the only thing required of you is to fall into complete relaxation. We’re not kidding! During your 40-minute session, you can flip through Netflix, jam out to the new Taylor Swift album (or any music of your choice), stretch out, or allow your mind to melt into a meditative state.

Who is ready to get sweaty now? Keep reading to learn all the benefits of regular visits to Perspire!

Perspire Holiday Specials

Just in time for the holidays, Perspire is throwing out some insanely HOT deals! Know someone that could use a little extra “me-time” in the new year? Give them the present they deserve with a gift card to Perspire Sauna Studio. And as a treat to you for being such a good friend, Perspire is offering 20% off select gift cards. A win-win!

Holiday Specials from Perspire:

  • Pay $80 for a $100 gift card
  • Pay $160 for a $200 gift card
  • Pay $240 for a $300 gift card

Already have someone in mind to spoil this holiday season? You can snag a Perspire gift card and seasonal card holder inside the Eagle studio location. Or, beginning December 12th, these holiday specials will be available online.

How Infrared Sauna Therapy Can Help You

Perspire is not your typical sauna. You will not walk into a hot box of steam, wet benches, and sweaty strangers. Rather than heating the air around you, infrared saunas heat your body directly. The beneficial infrared rays raise your body temperature while lowering your body’s toxin levels. But that’s not all! The Perspire experience has a multitude of health benefits.

Relaxation: This may be the best part of going to Perspire as your private suite becomes your self-care sanctuary. Relaxing can help with stress and improve sleep.

Body Detox: Our bodies absorb many toxins over time from foods, drinks, and the surrounding environment. Your body releases those built-up toxins when your sweat glands open up during the session.

Burn Calories: By simply relaxing, you can burn anywhere from 200-400 calories in the sauna. When you are in your suite, you are boosting your blood circulation and increasing your metabolism.

Ease Pain: Exercising is excellent for your health but can sometimes cause soreness and even pain. Perspire's combination of infrared sauna and red light therapy helps with chronic pain and the release of any muscle tension you may have.

Enhance Immunity: Your immune system is naturally boosted when your temperature rises. The session essentially tricks your body into thinking it's having a fever, which in turn accelerates the immune defense system.

Clearer Skin: The heat opens up pores in the skin, which, similar to detoxing, releases clogged pores and dead skin cells. Skin imperfections that can be eliminated/reduced through infrared sauna therapy include:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Burns
  • Lesions and cuts

Improves Sleep: Sleep is essential to our overall well-being. By lowering your body's stress, hormones are balanced out and naturally calm the nervous system.

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The Perspire Experience

In addition to the list of health benefits associated with Perspire’s services, it really is the Perspire experience that sets the sauna studio apart from others like it.

Upon arrival, a staff member will show you to your private suite and set you up with all the goods, including your Smart TV remote. It is best to come wearing loose-fitting clothing, aka t-shirts and shorts or sweatpants, a swimsuit, or better yet, your ‘birthday suit’! Perspire provides a complimentary towel service.

Now comes the fun (sweaty) part! During your session, you can choose to Netflix n’ sweat, vibe to your favorite playlist, engage in light stretching, or fall into a completely meditative state. Now that you’ve set the mood Perspire invites you to change the light color of your room to fit your vibe.

At the end of your 40-minute session, while you wait for your body to cool down, Perspire treats you with the highest care. Refresh with a cold eucalyptus essential oil towel and ice-cold water, knowing you just did your body a major favor by flushing out a ton of toxins.

As is the case with most wellness experiences, the more you frequent Perspire, the better you feel. I mean, twist our arms!

Perspire is coming to Boise! The sauna studio is scheduled to open its second location right in the heart of downtown Boise in the spring of 2023.

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