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Give Your Immune System a Healthy Boost This Winter with Modwella Mobile IV Therapy

Last updated December 01, 2022 by Totally Boise

Despite the shorter daylight hours and colder temperatures, winter can be just as busy as summer. Between holiday parties, school events, and all the various seasonal obligations, it won’t be long before we’re exhausted and rundown. All this activity can cause your immune system to take a big hit. But thanks to Modwella Mobile IV Therapy, getting well and giving your body a much-needed boost is easy.

If you’re ready to fight off seasonal bugs, say goodbye to holiday exhaustion, or even up your gym game, Modwella is here to help. Keep reading to discover their incredible benefits as the Treasure Valley's only 100% mobile IV clinic.

Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise

IV Therapy for Boost

The holiday season is an exciting but taxing time of year. Between shopping, parties, traditions, events, and possibly a few runs at Bogus, even the healthiest bodies can see a real decrease in energy. When our bodies are stressed, our immune system is compromised, and we become more susceptible to the flu, common colds, and other illnesses. But with a quick and easy IV treatment from Modwella, you can get the boost you need to stay off the couch and out doing what you love.

As a 100% mobile IV therapy clinic, Modwella can provide a multitude of treatments from the comfort of wherever you’re most comfortable. Maybe it’s at home while you’re wrapping presents, up at Simplot Lodge in-between runs, or at work when you’ve got a little time to spare. Modwella is especially great for those who are always on the go! IV treatment is excellent for athletes, young professionals, busy parents, and just about anyone else.

Party too hard last night? Gut churning from all the rich holiday snacks? Trying to burn a few extra calories before the new year hits? Modwella has an IV for that and many more.

IV Therapy
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise

Modwella is An Athlete's Best Friend

The benefits of routine IV therapy are great for everyone, especially athletes. Between all the training, conditioning, and sweating, athletes are depleting their body's electrolytes and other essential minerals. If you’re not proactive, your performance will start to take a turn for the worse.

After one visit from Modwella, athletes (both professional and those passionate about fitness) will notice an increase in endurance, quicker recovery times, and enhanced peak performance. This could mean the difference between the Boise State Broncos making a touchdown or missing their chance at an interception.

If you are an athlete or know an athlete who could use IV therapy as their secret tool to being at the top of their game, it’s time to contact Modwella!

IVs for Athletes
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise

Current Services and What’s to Come for Modwella

Modwella offers the Treasure Valley more than IV therapies. To further meet the needs of their clients, Modwella proudly offers lab services like blood draws, men's and women's panels, and other essential labs you need. And rumor has it, they might expand their services even further to include cosmetic and aesthetic injections. How awesome does it sound to get a much-needed IV and a re-up on Botox, all from the comfort of your own home? Pretty great if you ask us!

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Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise
Modwella Mobile IV Therapy in Boise | Totally Boise

Bring Modern Wellness Home

As busy professionals and parents, Totally Boise knows how essential adding IV therapy to our routines has been. We’ve seen the benefits of Modwellas services firsthand, and they are our secret trick to staying on top of our game during the long, dreary winter months. Be sure to stay up to date with what’s happening at the mobile IV clinic at these channels.

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