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Protect Your Body From Summer Damage with Eco-Friendly, Holistic Products from The Vervain Collective

Last updated May 03, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Nothing is quite as annoying, not to mention dangerous, as a sunburn, itchy bug bite, or muscle pain while in the back-country. This summer, stay on top of your first-aid game with holistic and locally made products from The Vervain Collective.


The small Garden City business is educating the Treasure Valley community one customer at a time with their fully stocked apothecary, weekly workshops, and impressive natural healing library. 

Stay Healthy All Summer Long

Before heading out on your next summer outdoor activity, head into The Vervain Collective to purchase these natural items which are proven to help with various injuries, irritants, and issues that may occur while out in nature. They will also help prevent more long-term damage and give your body the boost it needs to stay healthy and nourished. 


Natural Products at The Vervain Collective

  • Stream2Sea Sun Block: certified reef safe and sold in containers made from recycled plastic and sugarcane.

  • Vervain Healing Salve: An all-purpose salve for minor injuries and skin irritations

  • Vervain Bugs Away Spray: A nontoxic bug repellent made in-store, available in pre-packed containers or bulk.  

  • Vervain More Than Skin Deep Tea: Thoughtfully crafted loose tea that will leave your skin feeling nourished from the inside out. 

  • Vervain Pain Salve: Great to ease muscular and nerve pain strain. 

  • Vervain Hibiscus Dew Lip + Cheek Tint: Made with natural dyes from dried flowers, this makeup adds subtle moisture and color to lips and cheeks. 

  • Anthea Balance Serum: A moisture-balancing oil to give your face a refined and even skin tone. 

  • Sloane Marley Fin Body Butter: A creamy body butter with quality holistic ingredients for happy skin. 

  • Cucumber Rosewater Mineral Salt Soak: Refresh your skin with over 20 minerals. Immediate chill guaranteed. 

  • Curam Beauty Elixir: An organic and wildcrafted treat to help your body with inflammation. 

  • Collagen Booster: 100% vegan and gluten-free dietary supplement with a delicious Chai flavor.

Books To Learn More About Holistic First Aid and Skin Care

  • Plant First Aid of the Salmon River: This book shares medicinal uses for over 49 different plants that are commonly found on the Middle Fork and Upper Main of the Salmon River. 

  • Herbal Medic: Herbal medicine and first-aid knowledge from a former Green Beret medic. 

  • The Natural First Aid Handbook: Tips on how to treat bug stings, sprains, burns, allergies, and fractures with household, herbal and basic emergency preparedness.

  • Pure Skin Care: A recipe book with nontoxic and natural remedies you can make at home.  

  • Homeopathic Travelers Guide: every rambler's resource for earth-made medicine. 


Continue Learning at The Vervain Collective

Keeping a healthy, happy body is possible with the products and excellent staff at The Vervain Collective. Looking for gifts and other crafts from local artisans? Vervain has all your Idaho-made items in their shop. 


Start your journey to holistic health by visiting the shop, giving them a call, and clicking these links:


Vervain Online Shop

Vervain Instagram

Vervain Facebook

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