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Top Dishes From Alyonka For Summer Picnics

Last updated May 03, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Award-winning restaurant, Alyonka, is the Treasure Valley's only place to go for your favorite Russian cuisine. Named Best European Restaurant in Boise and Idaho, you can taste the intention, quality ingredients, and love in every bite. With a menu that appeals to the whole family, Alyonka is the perfect food choice to bring on your next picnic. We know how easy it is to take Alyonka to-go from personal experience; we do it frequently! 


Keep reading to discover our Alyonka picnic favorites!

Boise Summer Picnic Picks

A picnic needs three things: A big, soft blanket, good company, and easy-to-pack delicious food. Every dish on the Alyonka menu is made to order and can easily be relocated from the restaurant to your picnic location. These items include their entrees, appetizers, salads, and the most heavenly desserts. Stop by their restaurant or order ahead to place your order in minutes.


Consider ordering items like:


Layered salad with smoked salmon, shredded potatoes, carrots, beets, and a touch of mayo 

Olivye salad 

Celebratory salad with chicken, potato, pickles, hard-boiled eggs, and a touch of mayo 

Assorted Pickled Vegetables 

Tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, pattypan squash, and homemade sauerkraut, served with authentic Russian rye bread.

Smoked Gouda Spread 

Served with crackers and pita bread.

Blini Russian Crepes 

Four crepes with your choice of filling (caviar, sour cream, smoked salmon OR ground beef, mushroom OR vegetarian)

Beef Stroganoff

A family favorite, served with seasoned rice, egg noodles or buckwheat. 

Pork or Chicken Shish Kebab 

Served with sauce, seasoned rice, and marinated carrot salad.


Handmade Russian-style dumplings with seasoned ground beef filling served with sour cream. It's also available in a soup form, served in a broth.

Dessert Sampler Platter 

Assorted freshly baked Russian cookies and sample sizes of Honey Cake, Royal Poppy Seed Ganache Cake, and Lemon Mousse.

Royal Poppy Seed Chocolate Ganache Cake 

The hint of rum, roasted cashews over chocolate ganache, not overly sweet fluffy frosting, and super soft and moist cake layers.

Honey Cake 

The unmistakable honey flavor gives this tender cake a lovely finish served with roasted pecans.

Dine-In at Alyonka

Ordering at Alyonka is quick, convenient, and, most of all, delicious. If you're in the mood to dine in and soak up the beautiful atmosphere of the carefully designed Russian restaurant, it's best to make a reservation. In the iconic corner building where State and Lemp streets meet, tables fill up quickly on any day of the week. Their menu offers traditional, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Check the links below to make a reservation, browse their menu and stay up-to-date on all things Alyonka. 

Alyonka's Website

Alyonka's Instagram

Alyonka's Facebook

The Taste of Boise

We can't get enough of Alyonka. Their menu and Russian classics and the kindness of Elena and her staff have kept us coming back time and time again. They are among an incredible group of local chefs and restaurants in the Treasure Valley who use the best ingredients and premium cooking skills to continually delight our taste buds.




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