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Lemon Tree Co. Opens Third Location Directly Off The Boise Greenbelt

Last updated May 03, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Summer is starting on the right foot with the newest Lemon Tree Co. cafe opening its doors for business. The third location for the popular Boise business will take elements from the downtown Boise and Harris Ranch restaurants and expand the menu, services, and space more significantly than ever before. 

What’s New with Lemon Tree

Food lovers from around the Treasure Valley will be delighted to discover what's available at the latest Lemon Tree Co. on Parkcenter Blvd. or just steps off the Boise Greenbelt in East Boise. 

Large Space On Parkcenter For the Win

The brand-new Lemon Tree Co. can be found in the River Quarry plaza, between The Griddle and The Refuge Restaurant & Lounge. This space is the largest location yet and will have ample seating, a stylish atmosphere, and their most significant kitchen space. Even better, parking will never be an issue, thanks to the large nearby lot that allows you to visit and park for free. Don't worry if you're in a hurry; grab-and-go is now available.  

What's New to the Lemon Tree Co. Menu

This farm-fresh bistro strives to update its menu with fun new creations that challenge its customers' taste buds in surprising ways. The Parkcenter site has the kitchen and talent to bring more Lemon Tree sandwiches, salads, and soups than ever before.


What's new?

  • Tacos: For the first time, tacos will be a regular feature on the Parkcenter menu. 

  • Lem-osas: Combining their signature lemonades and crisp, sparkling champagne, it's the perfect refreshment for summer brunch.

  • Mess Hall hamburgers: Returning from their previous pop-up, the vegan and vegetarian burgers will have even the most devoted meat eater duped.     


Grabbing Lemon Tree for breakfast, lunch, or dinner can be done in a snap. Popular menu items will be crafted daily and readily available in the cooler. Students, business professionals, and anyone on a tight time crunch can now have a healthy, wholly nutritious meal in minutes.


For years, Lemon Tree fans have been requesting for their decadent hand-crafted salad dressings to be packed and sold to use at home. Well, your inquiries have not fallen on deaf ears. You will now be able to purchase the exclusive line of Lemon Tree dressings at its new Parkcenter location. Just walk in and pick up what you need from the cooler.

Lemon Tree Co. Brings Everyone Together

Life is better when you can share a good meal with those you love. Personal diets are as unique as snowflakes, and rarely are there restaurants in Boise that can genuinely appeal to every one of them. Through careful consideration, each Lemon Tree Co. location can safely produce food for any dietary restriction or wish. 


Curious how they have achieved such incredible menu diversity? Check out the blog,

Lemon Tree Co Creates Sandwiches for all Needs


They are just getting started. Lemon Tree proudly offers online ordering and delivery across the Treasure Valley. Head to Lemon Tree Co.'s online platforms to keep up with the growing restaurant menu, news, and events. 


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