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How to Keep Your Car Adventure-Ready with Bluebird Express Car Wash

Last updated May 03, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Summertime in Idaho means camping, four-wheeling, boating, and road trips to the gorgeous wilderness. No matter how hard you try to keep your car bright and shiny, any road trip will leave your car dirty. In between trips, it's essential to clean and protect your car with frequent washes at Boise's best car wash, Bluebird Express Car Wash. 


The experts in car cleanliness with a focus on environmentally friendly practices, Bluebird is equipped with all the custom built systems and tools to get your car back to looking like it's fresh off the lot. Their two express locations in Boise can have you in and out in five minutes or less. 


So when you're planning your trips this summer, be sure to include Bluebird Express Car Wash in your itinerary. 


Bluebird’s Best Washes for Summer Messes

Each wash package at Bluebird Express Car Wash is packed with beneficial protective products, but by far, the best package is the Bluebird Signature + Ceramic. The Ceramic Seal is an incredible product that bonds with the surface of your vehicle which enhances the clear coat protection & magnifies the shine. You will achieve 3 times the shine with this package when you layer Ceramic Seal over the proven formulas of Rain Shield and Hot Wax. 


The Signature + Ceramic wash includes:


  • Ceramic Seal

  • Carnauba Hot Wax

  • Rain Shield

  • Tire Gloss

  • Triple Foam Paint Revitalizer

  • Bluebird Rejuvenating Cleaner

  • Wheel Bright Cleaner

  • Underbody Blast

  • Triple High Pressure Blast

  • Soft Water Wash

  • Spot Free Rinse 

  • Super Hot Air Dry

  • Free Air, Vacuums, & Mat Washing


Head to any Bluebird location to get the best car wash in Boise!

Keep It Clean with a Bluebird Membership


If your summer is stacked with busy days of running kids around, camping, road trips, etc. getting the Unlimited Monthly Wash membership with Bluebird Express Car Wash is an affordable way to stay on top of the mess your car can accumulate. Talk about convenience, all Unlimited Monthly Members have a dedicated Member only Lane!


Bluebird memberships come in three package sizes:

Good - Unlimited Fresh & Clean 

Price: $22.99/month

Includes: Bluebird Rejuvenating Cleaner, Wheel Bright, Cleaner, Underbody Blast, Triple High Pressure Blast, Soft Water Wash, Spot Free Rinse, and Super Hot Air Dry.

Better - Unlimited Prime Shine

Price: $28.99/month

Includes: Tire Gloss, Triple Foam Paint Revitalizer, Clear Coat Sealer, Bluebird Rejuvenating Cleaner, Wheel Bright Cleaner, Underbody Blast, Triple High Pressure Blast, Soft Water Wash, Spot Free Rinse, and Super Hot Dry. 

Best - Unlimited Bluebird Signature with Ceramic Seal

Price: $34.99/month, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Includes: Ceramic Seal, Carnauba Hot Wax, Rain Shield, Tire Gloss, Triple Foam Paint Revitalizer, Bluebird Rejuvenating Cleaner, Wheel Bright Cleaner, Underbody Blast, Triple High Pressure Blast, Soft Water Wash, Spot Free Rinse, and Super Hot Air Dry. 


Each package comes with free use of the vacuums, air hoses to blast out stubborn grit, towels to use, and top-of-the-line mat washers. Check out the link to purchase your Bluebird Express Car Wash membership online,

Bluebird Membership Info

Voted Top 20 Employer in Boise

Not only was Bluebird Express Car Wash voted the best express car wash in Boise, they are officially a Top 20 Employer in the state of Idaho. Nominated and awarded this year, Bluebird was recognized for the effort that they put into their employees to create a rewarding work environment. 


They won because they provided…

  • Quarterly performance reviews

  • Robust training system, allowing employees to progress upwards

  • Leadership development program

  • Great benefits

  • PTO and unpaid days off

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Hiring bonuses of $500 after 6 months, $1000 after a year, and $1,500 every year after that


If you’re interested in transforming your job into a career with Bluebird Express Car Wash, search their careers page below,

Bluebird Careers Info


Follow Bluebird Express Car Wash as They Expand in the Treasure Valley


Currently there are two locations for Bluebird Express Car Wash, and three more are expected to be completed in the next 12 months. You can find them at 8506 W Overland Rd and 7547 W Fairview Rd in Boise. Their next locations will be at 3310 W State St in Boise, 1475 S Silverstone Way in Meridian, and 2820 Franklin Rd in Caldwell. 


Stay up to date with their growth and services at these social channels:

Bluebird Website

Bluebird Instagram

Bluebird Facebook

Totally Boise Loves Bluebird Express Car Wash

Our team is always on the go and busy Boise people, so we know a good car wash when we see one! In a previous blog, we got the story behind the wash, and learned how this Idaho-grown business started as a teen gig for President & Founder John Michael Fery and grew into so much more!


Bluebird Express Car Wash Blog


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