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5 Local Treats Your Kids Will Love That Are Dentistry For Children Approved

Last updated February 24, 2022 by Mariah Hebbeln

Learning proper dental hygiene can be a hard habit to form as a child. The staff and doctors at Dentistry for Children have made it their mission to ensure that every child who sits in their chair is learning healthy habits and forming a positive relationship with themselves, while visiting the dentist. 

Dentistry for Children shared with us their five favorite local spots to get kid-favorite treats, but first, they wanted to raise awareness on the importance of dental sealants. They are one of the most effective steps you and your child can take to have beneficial, long-lasting protection for their teeth from the well-loved treats listed below. 

What Are Sealants?

In our mouths, we have a variety of types of teeth. In the front are our smooth, flatter teeth, perfect for biting, and in the back, our molars, that grind down food before we swallow. A unique feature of our molars is that their shape, with its grooves and pits, make for impeccable tools to chewing food, but also as breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

Even with top-rated toothbrushes, these chewing surfaces can be impossible to clean thoroughly. This is why Dentistry for Children recommends sealants for children whose permanent molars have come in.

What's exciting about sealants for both children and parents is that they are effective, painless, and take a matter of minutes to apply. The sealant itself is a strong, long-lasting substance painted and bonded to the top surface of the molars.

How are Sealants Applied? 

As stated, sealants are a quick and painless way to protect your child's molars, compared to getting fillings, or worse, treating a cavity-affected tooth. Dental sealants are a thin coating placed over the chewing surface of a child’s molars to protect them from the decay. A dental sealant is a thin white or clear resin liquid applied to the surface of a child’s molars with a small brush. The sealant is bonded to the tooth and dries by using a blue LED light, leaving a hard layer of protection. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), that protective layer reduces your child’s risk of cavities by 80%. It’s non-invasive and doesn’t require the use of numbing agents or anesthesia because it isn’t painful. 

How sealants are applied:

  • Teeth are deep cleaned to provide the proper surface, allowing the sealant material to bond with the grooves and pits of the tooth. This also assures no damaging bacteria is present or trapped on the surface.
  • The sealant material is painted on the chewing surfaces of molars.
  • A specialty light is used to harden and bond the material completely.

Within minutes, your child's teeth are protected against enamel-eating bacteria for many years to come. They are not a substitute for twice-daily brushings and semi-annual dentist visits, but they will cut down the chance for more serious dental problems from occurring. 

Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag
Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

5 Local Treats That Are Dentistry for Children Approved

We all ought to enjoy the sweeter things in life from time to time. The dentists and hygienists at Dentistry for Children know that it's ok to indulge in the local sweets and flavors found around the Treasure Valley and have shared five of their favorite locations.

Tips to practice while eating sweets:

  • Drink water while eating. This can lower the chances of sugar clinging to the surface of your teeth and possibly creating cavities.
  • Brush your teeth after eating to remove harmful sugar and bacteria.
  • Limit the number of sugary substances you eat or drink in one setting.
Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag
Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

Find Dentistry for Children's Recommended Local Treats Here:

1. The STIL - Scoop of Saturday Morning Cartoons

786 W Broad St, Boise

13 S Latah St Suite 101, Boise

2. Guru Donuts - The Histerberry Donut

IDANHA, 928 W Main St #100, Boise

2826 S Eagle Rd #120, Eagle

3. Reed's Dairy - Cheddar Cheese Curds

1735 West Chinden Blvd., Meridian

10785 W. Lake Hazel, Boise

1353 N Meridian Road, Kuna

4. Lucky 13 - The Lucky - 13 Supreme Pizza

3662 S Eckert Rd, Boise

5. Goody's Soda Fountain - The Iconic Banana Split 

1502 N 13th St, Boise

Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag
Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag

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Giving your child the tools and education they need to have lifelong dental hygiene is possible with Dentistry for Children. Their bright and friendly staff are highly educated in dealing with adolescent patients and are all about setting realistic, yet necessary dental routines for kids. Read our past blogs and visit their website at the links below.

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Dentistry For Children | Totally Boise 2022 Spring Mag




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