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One Shoe, Five Sizes — Idaho Nonprofit, Because International Makes Shoes Accessible

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In 2007 Nampa, Idaho local Kenton Lee was volunteering at an orphanage in Kenya, Africa. While walking alongside children down a dirt road, he noticed a serious and unfortunately pervasive problem amongst the community — most of the children were wearing shoes that were far too small, too big, or worn down beyond repair. Fast forward to 2012, the first Because International prototype shoe was created.

As of late, over 350,000 pairs of shoes have been distributed to over 100 countries worldwide.

Person putting The Shoe That Grows on a child in need in Kenya | Because International

Photo Credit: Because International

How Does 'The Shoe That Grows' Work?

Because International is a shoe solution for children in areas unable to afford or who don't have access to shoes. As many parents may know, children grow out of shoes faster than you can imagine — Founder, Kenton created a shoe that grows as kids do.

So how does a shoe grow five sizes? With a secure yet adjustable back, The Shoe That Grows has front and side adjusters that allow room for the front and side of the foot to lengthen as feet grow. These shoes are durable and designed to last for years.

Because International has five sizes of shoes available that grow up to five sizes — talk about accessibility.

The Shoe That Grows | Because International

Photo Credit: Because International

Providing shoes to the communities heavily affected by poverty, Because International is aiding in lowering the rate at which children can catch soil-transmitted diseases and parasites. With holidays right around the corner, a pair of shoes could very well be life-changing for a child.

Gifting Alternative

As the holidays are in full swing, consider a gift that makes a difference. Through Because International's monthly giving club, The Sole, you can donate pairs of The Shoe That Grows in honor of a friend or loved one. Because International partners with organizations like Lifting Hands International to send donated shoes to refugee camps and other areas where shoes are needed. One benefit of gifting or donating a pair of The Shoe That Grows is watching where they end up. A quarterly report is provided to all members of The Sole that shows where your donation ends up — it's incredible to see the tangible results of your donation.

Ways to Donate The Shoe That Grows

Options for donating Because International shoes include:

  • Joining The Sole monthly donation club
  • Purchasing them and bringing them along on a service trip
  • Purchasing and sending shoes to an organization you know
  • Including them in your Christmas shoeboxes

A pair of shoes cost $20, which to many is easily obtainable, but to those who need shoes, is life-changing.

Donate Today
Person putting The Shoe That Grows on a child in need in Kenya | Because International

Photo Credit: Because International

The Shoe That Grows on a young girl in Kenya | Because International

Photo Credit: Because International

The Because Accelerator

Proud to have a local Idaho nonprofit change the lives of so many children one pair of shoes at a time and with the success of The Shoe That Grows, Because International developed the Because Accelerator. Founder, Kenton recognized that many other entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas and products will have a positive social impact and create local jobs. This program is designed to help entrepreneurs take their innovative products to the next level.

Learn more about the Because Accelerator here:

The Because Accelerator Details

Starting with The Shoe That Grows, Because International has turned into so much more. Their mission is simple: use products as solutions to alleviate poverty. An item as simple as a pair of shoes can change the lives and health of so many children around the world.

Whether you are looking to be a part of an impactful mission or just want to help this holiday season Because International is a great




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