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Advice From Your Friends At Dentistry For Children On Common Mistakes Made In Your Child's Dental Health

Last updated December 01, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

The journey to effective dental health begins as a small child. There is a common misconception about how important baby teeth are since most children lose them early in life. But many habits can be formed early on in life that can permanently affect your child’s dental health for the rest of their lives.

Dentistry for Children is a Boise pediatric dental office that is frequently asked these questions and is always excited to share what they know with other curious parents. Their goal is to make those first impressions that a child has in the office a positive experience so that their personal dental health remains a priority for the rest of their life.

Keep reading to discover some of the most frequently asked questions from parents and the simple tips and tricks Dentistry for Children has!

How To Soothe Young Children With Trouble Brushing Teeth

Dental care for children begins 6 months after their first tooth breaks. Part of the maintenance done to keep their teeth clean is brushing, but in children in those toddler years, this can be as easy as herding cats. Kids can struggle to sit still, learn the new motor skills needed to brush their teeth, or just be resistant to learning something new.

Dentistry for Children has a tried and true bit of advice on overcoming these struggles, and you’ll be laughing to yourself for not thinking of it yourself.

Find a comfortable place to sit, like a large chair, couch, or the floor. Have your child lay down beside you, placing their head in your lap. Next, give them something to hold, like a toy or device to distract them or a mirror to watch what is happening in their mouth. Now you can easily brush your child’s teeth. This is a great moment to teach the child how to brush correctly or show them that it is not as terrible an experience as they may feel. It is also a great moment for you to check their teeth for cavities, abnormalities, or other damage.

Advice from Dentistry for Children | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends

When To Drink Sugary Beverages

Letting children drink sugary drinks is a topic of much debate, but it’s more than just juice that should be given to children with care. Dentistry for Children advised that any drink - juice, soda, milk, smoothies, etc. - that has calories in it can damage teeth. But that doesn’t mean they can’t drink them.

Instead, the dentists suggest giving these drinks during snack and meal time, when they eat other food, like their lunch or snack. If a child consumes sugary drinks without meal times, constant exposure can present a higher risk for getting cavities. Giving these drinks at meal time, the sugar will have a more challenging time getting to the teeth.

If a child is simply thirsty, try to only give them water.

How Much Toothpaste For A Child

When a child begins forming a tooth brushing routine, the amount of toothpaste needed is determined by age.

For children over the age of 1 up to 3, the experts at Dentistry for Children advise that fluoride toothpaste can be used and should be no larger than a grain of rice. Children from ages 3 to 6 can then begin using a pea-sized drop of toothpaste on their brush.

Advice from Dentistry for Children | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends

How Important Are Baby Teeth, Really?

Frequent brushing is essential since baby teeth are different then the teeth we have as adults. Primary teeth have thinner and weaker enamel than permanent teeth which can result in decay presenting and growing faster than in adult teeth. The result is a baby tooth can have a cavity without the usual sweet or cold sensitivity as a warning sign.

Dentistry for Children often hears, “how important are baby teeth?” It’s a fair question since we only have these teeth for a fraction of our lifetimes. But when some children don’t lose these teeth until they are 11 or 12 years old, it can foster lasting bad habits and a negative perception of self-image if their teeth are uncared for. It’s best to give them the best tools and form these habits early to avoid any problems later in life.

Nervous About X-Rays?

With the advancement of modern technology and medicine, the x-ray has become the safest it’s ever been. In the Dentistry for Children office, their staff uses a handheld imaging device called the NOMAD. This tool uses as little radiation as possible and far less than the film or mounted x-ray cameras.

While the exposure to radiation with x-rays has not been eliminated completely, their team seeks to only take them when necessary and works to use the safest technology available.

Advice from Dentistry for Children | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends

Learn More About Dentistry For Children

Our very own Totally Boise founder has used the services of Dentistry for Children on her own young son, and as you saw from the pictures above, the little guy was having a blast on his first visit.

You can learn more about the fantastic team at Dentistry for Children from our previous blog:

Dentistry For Children is Givning Kids a Positive Experience

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