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It Isn’t A Holiday Party Without Dairy! Delicious Tips and Recipes From Unbottled

Last updated November 30, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

This one’s for all you dairy lovers out there! The holiday season is here which means lots of gatherings with friends, family, and a plethora of delicious dishes. If you’re looking for new ways to use that ingredient you love the most, dairy, the team at Unbottled has shared their top five holiday recipes.

What’s also great about all of these recipes is that they can use ingredients from local dairy farmers in Idaho, Utah, and the Pacific Northwest.

Dairy West, the creators of Unbottled and their dairy matchmaking services, are passionate about showing Idahoans how they can make all of their favorite recipes using dairy from just down the road.

Keep reading to discover some must-try dairy-rific recipes from your friends at Unbottled!

Tips and Recipes from Unbottled | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends
Tips and Recipes from Unbottled | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends

It Isn’t A Party Without Dairy

Unbottled is all about showing you how to incorporate local dairy into your favorite recipes! From chocolate sauce to ranch dips, they’ve got the tools to help you discover new recipes, find local dairy farmers near you, and create your own dairy-filled dishes that will leave your guests amazed or your low-key Fridays delicious.

Want to find the perfect pairing for your meal? Check out the Unbottled Matchmaker? It’s an amazing software for when you want to make the perfect charcuterie board or wine and cheese pairing, but don’t know which snacks compliment which drinks.

The best part is, you don’t need to be super knowledgeable about dairy, wine, or beer to use the software. Simply tell it a flavor you love and it can show you all the fantastic ways to incorporate locally made dairy into your meal planning.

Check out the Unbottled Matchmaker here:

The Unbottled Matchmaker Quiz

You can read more about how to use the software on our previous blog:

Find The Perfect Pairing Of Wine And Cheese With The Matchmaker
Tips and Recipes from Unbottled | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends
Tips and Recipes from Unbottled | 2021 Totally Boise Winter Mag Recommends

Holiday Recipes

Meal planning can begin weeks in advance for some holiday parties and we hope you find these recipes just as tasty as we do. Included below is an ingredient list and instructions for each recipe. It just isn’t a holiday party without the dairy, and Unbottled has picked some of their favorite recipes that bring dairy to your table.

Your guests will be coming back for seconds, thirds, and hopefully fourths - if there’s anything left!

Fried Polpette di Ricotta

A delightfully savory appetizer using ricotta and pecorino cheeses.

Click Here For The Recipe

Pumpkin Magic Cake

Pumpkin is a holiday MUST, and this decadent cake uses eggs, evaporated milk, heavy cream, whole milk, and whipped cream.

Click Here For The Recipe

Cranberry Cheesecake Bars

This tart but creamy dessert mixes cream cheese, eggs, and butter to make something magical.

Click Here For The Recipe

Olive Caper Mascarpone Crostini

The perfect finger food appetizer shows off with mascarpone cheese and melted butter.

Click Here For The Recipe

Garden Cream Cheese Spread

Perfect for those holiday breakfasts, this recipe takes your cream cheese to another level.

Click Here For The Recipe

Be sure to follow them on their socials!

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Facebook: @UnbottleGreatness

Twitter: @un_bottled

Youtube: Dairy West Unbottled Channel




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