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Ada West Dermatology's Quality Care and Doctors Put Patients at Ease

Last updated September 23, 2021 by Totally Boise

It's okay to want to feel beautiful in your own skin! It's probably why 62% of US consumers use anti-aging products. With that number in mind, it's safe to say, many people care about anti-aging other skin concerns.

With two Meridian locations, West Ada Dermatology is staffed by nine board-certified physicians and nine certified physician extenders all with one goal –– to heal skin and help you feel like your best self. Recently, Totally Boise tagged along with Ada West Dermatology employee, Keri Swan on her Botox journey.

Physicians at Ada West Dermatology providing botox services
The office space at Ada West Dermatology

Why going to a dermatologist for esthetics is a good idea

Trained physicians are knowledgeable and experienced in the complicated anatomy of the face which is really helpful for safely administering any type of injection. Ada West providers have years of medical and cosmetic education to practice in their scope to help avoid adverse outcomes as not all injectors in Boise do.

And, because cosmetic injections are just one part of the "‘"growing old gracefully" strategy, our providers know how to treat the skin with a fully customized skincare regimen as well-- from moisturizer to peels to prescription Retin-a (aka, youth in a bottle). Trusting their medical and cosmetic know-how will help you feel good in your own skin!

Kate Smalley, PA-C said the best Botox and cosmetic treatments are the ones you'd never notice.

Meeting the staff, we were in awe that many of them had some sort of cosmetic procedure done, but we would have never known if they hadn't informed us! Ada West Dermatology does an amazing job ensuring procedures look natural and are done correctly and safely.

"Once patients get comfortable with their provider for medical issues, they often organically grow into cosmetic procedure patients," said PA-C Smalley.

If you are interested in potential cosmetic procedures but are feeling hesitant, going to Ada West Dermatology for a skin check or for a cosmetic consultation is a great way to start.

One of the biggest takeaways while overseeing a Botox or a filler treatment is understanding that nothing is a one-size-fits-all.

"A good dermatologist will come up with a personalized procedure with an overall skincare regimen," said PA-C Smalley.

Everyone's facial anatomy and structure are unique and should be treated that way. At Ada West Dermatology, they talk you through the entire procedure easing any worries you may have. They are very careful about what treatments they choose to perform. You'll be in good hands, and you won't be given unrealistic outcome predictions

Ada West Dermatology specializes in your personalized treatment
Botox services at Ada West Dermatology

Ada West Dermatology Cosmetic Services

While we all agree, everyone is beautiful the way they are, there is no shame in wanting to repair skin concerns and slow the rate of aging –– that's where Ada West Dermatology comes in! Being one of the largest independent dermatology offices in the Northwest, Ada West Dermatology offers:

  • Botox
  • Physician Guided Medical Grade Lasers to reduce wrinkles, scars, hair, veins and aging spots
  • Fillers
  • Medical grade customized Skin Regimen
Cosmetic dermatology services by Ada West Dermatology
Botox services at Ada West Dermatology

Dermatology for all Treasure Valley Residents

While Ada West Dermatology excels in cosmetic procedures, the core of what they do is addressing all your skin concerns--

  • Skin that is
    • Itchy
    • Rashy
    • Wrinkly
    • Acne-prone
    • Dry
    • Old or New, weird, different bumps, sores, growths.
    • Skin cancer screening

There is no concern that is too small or will be blown off. It's nice to let their trained eyes give you peace of mind.

Watching Keri get Botox and listening to the care and commitment the staff puts into safely helping you achieve your skincare wants and needs, makes us feel confident that they uphold their reputation of being a reliable, affordable, and a quality Dermatology clinic in the Treasure Valley.

Ada West Dermatology Locations

4574 N. Ten Mile Rd, Suite 120
Meridian, ID 83646

1618 S. Millennium Way, Suite 100
Meridian, ID 83642

See a full list of Ada West Dermatology services here:





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