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Where to Catch A Comedy Show in The Treasure Valley

Last updated September 21, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

The Treasure Valley is rich with comedy gold. As we become a large metro area, the number of well known, popular comedians - like Whitney Cummings or Jim Gaffigan - has increased immensely. The valley is also filled with talented and hilarious comedians, either touring or living and performing here. Knowing where to catch these mighty talents takes knowing where they perform.

Keep reading to learn where to find comedians - big and small - performing in the Treasure Valley!

The following clubs include well loved and established locations, and some brand new venues to the Treasure Valley comedy scene. A comedy show is a great way to get out during the colder winter months, for a date night with that person you love to laugh with, or a great way to start a Bachelorette party off right. Or, if you’re looking to get into comedy, be the one in the spotlight, and take a stab at garnering laughter yourself, this list is for you as well.

Comedy Clubs and Venues in the Treasure Valley:

Game Changers Improv - Classes and Shows

Recycled Minds Comedy - Classes and Shows

Lounge at The End of the Universe

The Egyptian


The Morrison Center

The Knitting Factory

ExtraMile Arena

Watson’s Mystery Cafe and Spirits - Private and Public Shows

Mad Swede

Revolution Concert House

The Balcony Club

The Blue City is Looking to Grow Boise’s Comedy Scene:

Founded in 2019, what started as one comedy open mic night has turned into three open mics across the valley and a professional comedy show every Saturday night. The Blue City Production now holds the title of Boise’s longest-running comedy open mic, which gives local and traveling comedians the space to test out their craft. “Boise comics work hard and love harder. The Blue City supports comics working their craft and in return, our comics and fellow producers have our back. So much love and respect in our small but great Boise comedy scene. Definitely come check out Boise's talent! ” -Hailee Lenhart-Wees, Founder of The Blue City. Check out their events here!

See Event

Comedy Shows Coming Within the Next Few Months:

-Queers of Comedy with Todd Masterson

At the Balcony Club

September 7th

-Tom Papa

At The Egyptian Theatre

September 18th


At The Owyhee

September 23rd - 26th

-Nikki Glaser

At Revolution Concert House

November 26th

- Jim Gaffigan: The Fun Tour

At ExtraMile Arena

December 12th

Here are a few Idaho-themed jokes!

If Idaho had its own space program, what would be the name of the first satellite?

-Spudnik 1

“I was told that I would never be a good sports announcer because I’m from Idaho…

They told me it’s because I’m just a common-tater!”

Great Entertainment Across the Treasure Valley

If comedy shows and cheeky comedians are not your flavor, there’s still plenty of quality entertainment in the Treasure Valley. With many fine concert venues, festivals, sports games and movies to be seen, we’ve got the ultimate list of where to catch an event or live show just for you.

  • Boise State football is back! And now with legal alcohol sales inside the stadium. Read more about the upcoming season here,
  • Treefort Music Festival time is here. This is what you need to know for this years festivities,
  • The Boise Hawks are the Treasure Valley’s premier Independent League Baseball team. The games are a must-attend event and a great way to hangout with family, friends and your local baseball lovers. Read more here,
  • The historical Downtown Boise Egyptian Theatre hosts more than comedy shows. Check out what you can see at this iconic Boise establishment here,
  • Live music is back in the Treasure Valley! Here’s where to catch a great show in town,




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