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FitOne Race Moved to Virtual Platform Second Year In A Row. Here’s How To Run A Good Virtual Race

Last updated August 19, 2021 by Mariah Hebbeln

The FitOne is a treasured annual Boise race. Put on by the St. Luke's Hospital, their team has announced that for the second year in a row, the race will now be held 100% virtually. This decision comes as the COVID-19 Delta variant has begun making its way through the Treasure Valley. St. Lukes and organizers of the FitOne race have stated, “Our participant’s safety, health, and wellbeing are our top priority to us. That’s why St. Luke’s FitOne was created – to build a community that supports everyone’s journey to a healthier self.” So while the race won’t be quite like it has in years past, you can still have fun and get healthy in the name of fundraising for a good cause.

Here’s how to run the FitOne 2021 race virtually!

Between the week of September 19th to the 25th, racers can set their own course and run it at their own pace. While the comradery of the race crowd will be missed, the heart of the race is to help encourage physical fitness and goals in every participant.

  • Register for the FitOne race if you haven’t already.
  • Pay the $30 entry fee
    • You’ll receive a race shirt, bib, medal, and swag.
  • Plan your route with the RaceJoy app.
    • Choose one of the 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon distance options.
    • You could run through a nearby neighborhood like Harrison Blvd, through the foothills, or wherever you please.
    • Making your route means you can run when you please. This could be bright and early when it’s cool, or later in the day when it’s bright outside.
    • Download the RaceJoy app here: RaceJoy App Download

What is the FitOne Race by St. Lukes?

The FitOne race is a community-motivated event that aims to encourage the obtainable health goals of all Treasure Valley residents. St. Lukes - which are the founders of this annual race - created the race in an effort to help children become connected with personal fitness in a fun and engaging way and help improve the health facilities treating Idaho’s children. 100% of every dollar raised by the FitOne race goes into creating:

  • School Tracks - Construction of paved walking and running tracks at school makes easy physical fitness accessible to everyone. The tracks can be used in PE class, recess walking, and by the community after school is out.
  • Hydration Stations - To help assure that every student can control their own hydration and learn how to maintain a healthy level, St. Lukes’s installs hydration stations that encourage the reuse of water bottles and replaces unhealthy soda machines.
  • Idaho Elks Children’s Pavilion - Opened in 2019, the sky bridge connected children’s pavilion of the St. Luke’s hospital has given further resources and medical aid to Idahoans with sick children. The state-of-the-art facility offers Idahoans access to the most modern services, specialists, clinics and so much more.
  • Fit Kits - These carefully curated kits are awarded to elementary schools across the Treasure Valley. Together, students and teachers design their perfect kits for their school.

Read more about the FitOne race mission below.

FitOne Mission Statement

Get in Racing Condition with Race Partner, Albertsons!

Leading a healthy lifestyle means more than getting your daily exercise. You need to fuel your body with premium ingredients. Albertsons is a proud partner of the St. Luke’s FitOne Race and Totally Boise’s favorite grocery stores in the Treasure Valley. With the largest Albertsons location at the Fairview Ave and Eagle Rd crossroads in Meridian, Treasure Valley residents have access to nutritious fruits, veggies, meats, and bakery goods at affordable prices.

Read more about Albertsons Market Street:

Albertsons Makes Grocery Shopping Effortless

We can’t wait to see all the amazing participants of the annual FitOne race sweat it out in the name of fundraising for an amazing local cause. St. Luke's Children’s hospital is nationally ranked for its high quality of care, and many Idahoans can share heartfelt stories about the care their own children received. Be sure to tag @totallyboise on Instagram as you run your own race to help create a virtual crowd of fellow runners and cheerleaders.




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