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Body Positivity with Tedi Serge of Girl Powerful Project

Last updated June 21, 2021 by Tedi Serge

It’s officially summer. The gorgeous lakes and rivers of Idaho are calling to us to get out and explore. All of the fun in the sun and water normally leads us to a season of less clothes and more bathing suits. This season can also lead many men and women to have negative feelings around their bodies since we are constantly consuming images of the perfect body - a hairless body - an airbrushed body - a body that can't be realistically obtained. So how can we be confident and live life to the fullest?

I create a body positive connection to my mind and body so I feel at home in my own skin. I’m not saying I never feel insecure or I look in the mirror and always love what I see, but the truth is 85% of the time I’m very happy with my body. I empower myself to be grateful for what I have and celebrate my body's abilities to live in a body positive state.

Here Are My Tips for Cultivating Body Acceptance:

1. Keep It Real:

Yeah, you probably shouldn’t have stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch today, but you did, and that’s ok. Giving into cravings is a part of being human. What’s not okay is beating yourself up over your drive thru delight. When you hate yourself for eating you are creating stress in your body and producing cortisol, therefore triggering fat to store in the abdomen. Be real with yourself - if you eat it, enjoy it and move on. Don’t let that one moment turn to guilt and stick to your body and mind forever.

2. All Bodies Are Summer Bodies:

There is no destination, no finish line you need to cross to wear a bathing suit and enjoy summer activities. We all have body issues and are insecure when totally stripped down. We think everyone is looking at us and judging us on our flaws. In reality, most people aren’t thinking about you! They are worried about themselves. So change your perception and make taking your shirt off at the pool, lake, river, etc. your signal to yourself that you deserve the joy, the tan and the fun summer has to offer.

Tedi Serge of Girl Powerful Project

3. Movement Matters:

Bring movement into your life for the mind and body connection AND the endorphins. Move your body not for the vanity, but for the feeling of health, accomplishment, and conquering your goals. If you move earlier in the day, it will take the pressure off, and you won't be able to make excuses. There won’t be any more I “should have,” “could have,” “would have,” worked out more before summer because you are working out this summer! Why? Because you love yourself! You love the skin you are in and everyday you get to choose how you treat yourself. You choose to enjoy this summer post pandemic. You choose to live your life to the fullest. You deserve it! All bodies deserve to be active and celebrated.

Tedi Serge of Girl Powerful Project

I hope to see more men and women of all shapes and sizes owning who they are and working daily to be healthy and grateful living in the skin and shape they are in.

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