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Home Grown CTC Telecom Spreads it’s Fiber Roots Throughout Idaho

Last updated June 30, 2021 by Totally Boise

When you think of internet services, you probably consider the same questions that we do at Totally Boise –– Is the service fast and reliable? Is the rate competitive? How's the customer service? So we took some time to look into CTC Telecom, a locally owned Internet service provider packed with big city technology, and a small town hospitality service, goes up against the lackluster corporate Internet providers.

Being fully emerged in a technology-based world, reliable internet and phone speeds are no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. Keeping their pricing competitive and their work ethic and service strong, CTC can provide your home with the high-quality services you need.

Here is Why Totally Boise Recommends CTC Telecom

Higher Quality of Service (QoS)

During the height of the pandemic, I noticed my own Internet was running at a slower speed. After doing some research, I found that most houses share a port with their neighbors and internet companies tend to connect with anywhere from 64-108 homes per port. CTC never goes beyond a 32-1 port share, allowing for consistent speeds with high bandwidth.

Great Customer Service

Originating from Cambridge, Idaho, CTC understands small-town hospitality with big city service. As a CTC customer you can count on a quick turnaround for response with any inquiry, while speaking to a dedicated customer service representative

Bundled Services

Bundled services are great for growing businesses and families needing multiple functions. Phone lines, television, internet, and computer security can all be added to your plan, from one provider

Home Grown CTC Spreads it’s Fiber Roots Throughout Idaho | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

Available in Select Locations

CTC has made it their mission to provide high-speed fiber services where larger companies cannot. Now, they are servicing 13 cities in select areas. If you are lucky enough to be located within the CTC fiber connection, we highly recommend using their services.

CTC Idaho Community Involvement

As a third-generation family-owned company, it goes without saying how important the community is to CTC. Always open to lending a hand, CTC has worked with nonprofits, schools and other entities.

  • Meridian Food Drive
  • Cambridge High School
  • Council Bike Day
  • Lowman Volunteer Fire District
Home Grown CTC Spreads it’s Fiber Roots Throughout Idaho | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag
Home Grown CTC Spreads it’s Fiber Roots Throughout Idaho | Totally Boise 2021 Summer Mag

This is Who CTC Works Best For:

Remote Working

Are you still working from home? What we have noticed, remote working (from home) is becoming a new norm. This is why CTC has created an excellent suite of Internet based remote working services, at multiple price points, specific to your unique working objective.

Families with Multiple Devices

Families with multiple devices can bog down Internet speeds. CTC's fiber optic network and it’s dedicated fast Internet speeds allow everyone high-speed internet without those frustrating interruptions.

Online Gamers

One of the worst scenarios when online gaming is your Internet slowing down, buffering, glitching, or worse, shutting down. CTC's Internet speeds are perfect for online gamers for hours, and hours of gaming fun.

Idaho Businesses with Multiple Locations

Internet and telecom can be difficult to manage for multiple locations. Not with CTC Business. Idaho businesses need to be able to flourish, and that all starts with reliable telecom connections that lead to strong communications. CTC has the exact suite of services that benefit companies with multiple locations.

  • Audio Conferencing
  • Unified Messaging
  • Call Queueing

If you have access to CTC, we highly recommend switching. See if your home or business qualifies for CTC Internet, Telecom or Fiber services. Get connected with CTC Telecom here:

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