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Northwest Pets' Top 3 Ulti-mutt Dog Parks in the Treasure Valley

Last updated March 29, 2021 by Totally Boise

Known for being a dog-friendly city, Boise itself has over 15 dog parks. Whether you're looking for a large grass area for your dog to run, a swimming area for them to cool down, or a smaller area for your little dog, there is a park for your pup!

Here are Northwest Pets' top three dog parks in the Treasure Valley.

1. Together Treasure Valley Dog Island at Ann Morrison Park

Located in Downtown Boise, Ann Morrison's 5.4-acre dog park is spacious and allows for the cutest doggy playdates. The park has two swimming areas for dogs with ample room for dogs to run and play with areas for owners to mingle.

  • Fenced shy dog area
  • Ponds with swimming access for dogs
  • Sheltered areas and benches for owners

1000 S. Americana Blvd., Boise

2. Amity Dog Park

Located in Nampa, Amity Dog Park is not only spacious but has areas for dogs of all ages and sizes.

The 6-acre park has two fenced areas to accommodate small and larger dogs.

  • Walking trails
  • Swimming pond
  • Drinking fountains (for dogs and humans

2900 2nd St S, Near Kings Road Overpass, Nampa

3. Storey Bark Park

Storey Bark Park street signs throughout its 2.25 acres add charm and a sense of community to the park. The park includes various ground surfaces for dogs and paved walkways.

  • Safe leash and unleash area
  • Sheltered seating
  • Agility play stations

430 W. Watertower Lane, Meridian

Finding the perfect dog park for your furry companion depends on your dog's needs and the atmosphere. At Northwest Pets they can assist you in finding the perfect gear, treats, and after park shenanigans for your pet!

Read a list of more Dog Parks in the Treasure Valley here:

Treasure Valley Dog Parks

Northwest Pets: Idaho's Pet Store

Locally owned pet outfitter Northwest Pets is the cutest one-stop-shop for your pet. With three convenient locations in the Treasure Valley, Northwest Pets can help you find dog, cat, and small animal essentials. The staff at Northwest Pets consistently stays up to date on training for quality products and is eager to help customers find the perfect products for their pets.

Ruffwear Store within a Store

When preparing your dog for activities, like a trip to the dog park, Northwest Pets highly recommends the Ruffwear Line. The harnesses, jackets, and leashes included in the Ruffwear Line are practical for Idaho dogs who love the outdoors.

Fun fact: Their Eagle location is the only Ruffwear store within a store in Idaho!

DIY Dog Wash Station

After a trip to the dog park or any other ruff activity, your dog may need a bath. Understanding that not every home is built with the correct size washing station for your pup, Northwest Pets has a walk-up tub for you to easily wash your dog without all the mess.

View wash hours and amenities here:

Northwest Dog Wash

Idaho Pet Adoption Bundles

Being an animal enthusiast, Northwest Pets loves to hear when a new dog or cat is adopted. So much so that they offer a FREE* welcome home bundle! If you're set to adopt an animal in the near future, call your closest Northwest Pet location, and they will build you a custom bundle!

*Guest responsible for taxes

Northwest Pets offers an abundance of quality products to care for your pet and knowledgeable staff to advise and answer questions. It's understandable why pet parents make them their primary dog shop.

Northwest Pets Locations:


Address: 3060 E. State St., Eagle, ID 83616

Phone: 208-939-8119



Address: 3036 N. Eagle Rd., Meridian, ID 83646

Phone: 208-392-1049



Address: 10436 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID 83709

Phone: 208-297-2330





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