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Boise Food Trucks find a home at The Switchback

Last updated June 22, 2020 by Totally Boise

Wondering where all the food trucks go on the weekends or where to find them in general? This Summer, chances are they are all dishing up food at The Switchback, located off Old Hickory Way in East Boise.

A relatively new spot, The Switchback is currently undergoing their second season in Boise with food trucks on a constant rotation throughout the week.

I remember strolling through downtown Portland one night and seeing a food truck, food court remembering somewhat of a fun summer night backyard party and thinking to myself, “that would be awesome if Boise had one of those.” Well turns out, dreams do come true.

Surrounded by almost a circle of food trucks, picnic tables and wooden beach chairs are the center of The Switchback, creating a friendly and communal atmosphere.

There are roughly over 20 food trucks throughout the week with a variety of food options available. Sweet and savory waffles on a stick from Grid Waffles, delicious Thai cuisine from Lime and a Coconut or end the day with a refreshing scoop of ice cream from Scooped Ice Cream. Food trucks are frequently changing, the best way to know what food trucks will be there each week is to follow The Switchback on social media.

The Switchback Facebook

If the food options don’t get you, the drinks and music will. Aside from the food options, beer and wine is also available throughout the week. Complimentary to the food and beverage is the live music that The Switchback is host to. Check out the schedule on their website to find out when local bands will be playing throughout the week.

Whether you are looking for a quick bite, somewhere to hang out or just wanting a more relaxed atmosphere than a restaurant, The Switchback is definitely a Boise hotspot worth checking out. Open through the second week of October, The Switchback is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy Boise.

Check out their website for a weekly food truck schedule and music lineup.

The Switchback Site

Check out our business directory for The Switchback for more information.

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