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Boise Zoo Safely to Reopen with New Guidelines

Last updated June 23, 2020 by Totally Boise

The Boise zoo has made plans to reopen Monday, June 22 with new protocols during stage four of Boise reopening. Although not all animal exhibits will be open, the zoo is slowly and safely opening its doors to the community. We broke down the important information you will need to know before heading to the zoo.

What will these new changes look like?

For starters, waiting in line to grab tickets will not be an option. All tickets must be purchased online with a required 30-minute time slot to enter the zoo. This will not only ensure to keep overcrowding from happening but it will keep social distancing in place. However, you can either print tickets or keep them digitally on your smartphone.

What will be closed at the zoo?

In order to maintain the safety of the animals and visitors during the pandemic all animal interactions will be temporarily closed. The Butterfly in Bloom exhibit will not be able to reopen this season.

Closed Animal encounters include:

  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Bear Sloth Feeding
  • Zoo Farm

As the park aims to slowly re-open, child playgrounds and rides will also be closed in order to reduce the spreading of germs.

Zoo Boise wants to make the most of your experience and make it as stress-free and safe as they can. A one-way path for the park has been set up. The path will take roughly two hours and allow people to enjoy the park safely.

Masks are not required but are kindly suggested.

What should I bring?

While water fountains will be momentarily shut off, concessions stands will be open with limited services. Plan ahead and pack any necessary items you may want while enjoying the zoo.

Most importantly, have fun. While the COVID-19 is still ongoing, there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the zoo and all of the wonderful exhibits that they offer.

Staff will also be on hand for anyone who has questions about the zoo and new rules. The guidelines are also set to change after the initial reopening.

Tickets are available for purchase by clicking the link below.

Boise Zoo Tickets




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