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20 Years Later, Dawson Taylor in Downtown Boise Gets a Fresh Look

Last updated May 19, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

We’re sure you’ve heard of our local specialty coffee roasters, Dawson Taylor. They’re known for their green logo, fresh roasted coffee, and sense of connection!

Since 1995, Dawson Taylor has been serving up quality coffee, roasting their own coffees with European-style drum roasters. Dawson Taylor strives to create a connected community throughout Boise, through the tastes and experiences offered by specialty coffee.

Dawson Taylor is home to two locations, the Roasting Facility and Coffee Bar off of Lusk Street. and their Downtown Coffee House on 8th Street, both in Boise. Over the past few months, Dawson Taylor has taken the time to fix up their downtown location bringing a modern twist to their funky little shop on one of the busiest streets downtown! We got to stop in to get a glance at the new location, and we left ready to go back to the comforting, inviting environment they created. Get a glimpse inside in the photos below!

Along with the vibrant new downtown location look, if you’re ever looking to experience the smell of fresh coffee roasting head over to their headquarters on Lusk Street. You can get a tour of the roasting process and then grab a drink to taste the deliciousness that’s being made.

The downtown location is open 7 days a week, with limited dine in seating and patio seating to continue practicing social distancing! The roastery is open Monday - Saturday for to-go coffee and bulk ordering, as well as delivery as necessary.




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