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9 Backyard Activities For The Family

Last updated April 28, 2020 by Totally Boise

With winter coming to an end, Boise is finally starting to see the sun come out, the temperature rise, and the sun setting later and later. Let us just say, Boise, everyone needs it so please don’t do your typical hot one day, snowing the next day. Every Bosiean will thank you in advance. With life still on a major hold because of COVID-19 and yes I am gonna mention it again because now it would just be weird if we didn’t... Right? Anyways, warmer days mean backyard activities, and there is nothing that makes it feel more like a summer day than a barbeque and some backyard games with the family.


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Cornhole is basically the definition of backyard games. Whether its a Friday night or Sunday afternoon, it’s never a bad time to grab your bean bags and boards and get competitive.

Frisbee Toss

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For all ages, this game is so fun for the family and is easy to DIY. I recommend using a can instead of a bottle just in case someone gets a little too into it, you don’t want glass shattered in your yard.

Ladder Golf

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Easy to DIY or grab from the store. Ladder Golf is the perfect backyard game that will have everyone wanting to join in.

Here are directions to make your own ladder golf set: Twin Dragonfly Designs ladder Golf

Giant Yahtzee

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Photo Credit: Pinterest

Who's up for a game of lawn Yahtzee? Grab 5 4x4 dice from the store or make some from the wood in dad's garage. Giant Yahtzee is a family favorite, and what's better than being able to play it outside and yell YAHTZEE!

Giant Jenga

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Jenga is always a fun time and is easy to set up and play. Grab some 2x4 pieces of wood and create your own giant Jenga. You and the family will never want to stop playing when these giant pieces come tumbling down you’ll realize how fun it is!


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A traditional game that is still a good time, no one will pass up a good ole’ game of Horseshoes! Dig up some old stakes in the garage, and get a game of horseshoes started! You can also order a set off Amazon.

Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Photo Credit: Games on the Green

Grab some duct-tape or yarn and some chalk and get some Giant Tic Tac Toe started in the front or backyard! The kids will love it!

Kan Jam

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Kan Jam is a flying disc game so practice your frisbee throwing! Try to make it in the slow or in the can to gain some points. It will become your new favorite backyard activity!

Ring Toss

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Photo Credit: Momendevours

Easy to DIY with recycled bottles, or some sturdy sticks, bringing one of the best fair games right to your backyard! Everyone loves a good game of ring toss.

If you want to get serious about your DIY Ring Toss here are directions on what to do: Momendevours Ring Toss

Lawn Twister

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Photo Credit: Wired: Katie Haines

Bring your favorite indoor game outside! You can make your own twister with some spray paint (that washes off) on the grass, or use chalk to make your own Twister mat on the patio. You’ll love being able to be outside while still playing a fun game of Twister.




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