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How To Create Daily Routines During Quarantine

Last updated April 09, 2020 by Totally Boise

In many ways it feels like these crazy times is like preparing for a zombie apocalypse… doesn’t it? As a society we can all agree life is not “normal” anymore. Casual Friday is now everyday, schools and offices are closed, and boredom is at an all time high. It’s easy to be feeling stressed, frustrated, lonely, or sad from this difficult situation. There is uncertainty of the future, but let us take each week, day by day. Here at Totally Boise we’ve found daily routines are what keep us moving and grooving through life! We hope these tips can help you create a peace of mind at home in your daily schedules.

Now that everyone is home it can be easy to fall out of a daily routine. Healthy habits create a sense of normality, without them your mind can become cluttered and stressed. This post outlines what we’ve found to be healthy tips to create a daily routine.

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Setting a reasonable time to wake up in the morning will help start the day. At Totally Boise, our goal is to carry out our normal work schedule. We wake up 30 minutes or to an hour prior to beginning work! Once you're awake, let your first task be the same as before. Look at social media, make coffee, wake up other family members, take a shower, go on a run, etc. Whatever it might have been, keep that habit to create a “normal” day.

Next, make your bed and a tasty breakfast, then get yourself ready for the day. Today, getting ready might be staying in pj’s but encourage yourself to wear something more normal. Wear whatever might make you happy. We’ve found jeans and shoes keep us working extra hard. That way it’s extra hard to sink into the couch or find ourselves losing track of time.

A quick tip before you start work or log into zoom for a meeting or class, clean your work space or declutter the area. This will take away “at home” distractions and help you focus on work. Create a workspace at home that might resemble your desk at work. This will encourage your mental state to focus on work and be more productive.

Now that you’re home, it may seem so much easier to have a snack or make lunch. The kitchen is so much closer, and you don’t have to wait for your employees to heat up their food. With that, take advantage of these conveniences because they won’t be forever! Always remind yourself of these small pockets of happiness. For instance, make a meal you may haven't usually brought to school or the office. Now is your chance to work from home and not feel guilty for taking a sick day. So, take advantage and reduce your stress!

Maybe take your lunch break to check in on your family and friends. Facetime them during their lunch breaks! Have a quick chat to catch up, let them know you are thinking about them, and keep them company. This will create an “office like banter”! Then, get back to the working grind.

After the work day is done, boredom and loneliness may set in. Many of us used to go to the gym or hang out with friends, but don’t fret there are so many things you can do to create these routines still. For instance, Facetime your workout buddy and do an at home workout together. Don’t miss out on another night of happy hour with friends, virtual happy hour can be achieved and be just as fun!

Create a Daily Routine During Shelter at Home in Boise

Just remember, everyone is in the same boat as you. So, take advantage of the extra time you have at home now. Create a new daily routine, after work activity, or something to make you feel less anxious. Find what makes you happy, decompress from unneeded stress.

If you find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands, here are three activities to keep you busy!

  • Make a new recipe for dinner or dessert. In the past you hadn’t had the time to plan for, but now you do. Become an amazing chef and surprise your friends when you can reunite!
  • Quarantine might just be the best time to work on your self care habits. Have a spa night! A spa night can be a relaxing way to destress from life, work, or school. Watch your favorite movie or show, put on a face mask, paint your nails, and drink a glass from your favorite bottle of wine.
  • Spring clean and Marie Kondo your home! Purge your closet and get ready for summer wardrobes. This could also be a good time to organize the most random or forgotten drawers. Who knows what you might find!

Our hope is that you are staying healthy and positive during these crazy times. For other recommendations check out these blogs too!

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