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Tips on Social Distancing in Boise

Last updated March 26, 2020 by Tessa Bishop

To help put a stop to the growing COVID-19 cases it’s been announced we do our part and stay home, self isolating ourselves from the community. It’s been proven this will aid in flatlining the spread of the coronavirus and help keep a balance in our hospitals.

Trust us, we get it. Social distancing can be frustrating, challenging, and upsetting. But, we want you to be able to experience all the things we love about Boise while also keeping your friends, family, the community, and yourself safe! Here are a couple of different ideas that will bring ease to social distancing.

1. Explore the Boise Parks

No better time to get out and enjoy the fresh outdoor air! Boise Parks continue to remain open, which means this is your chance to explore some of the places you have yet to see. Whether you plan on taking a slow stroll or getting out for a run, either can be a calming source of stress relief. But remember, stay six feet apart!

Check out a rundown of all Boise Parks:

Boise River Greenbelt

2. Treat yourself & Order From Your Fave Local Business

Stuck inside? Working from home? Hanging with your kiddos? Treat yourself and your family to one of your favorite local restaurants, coffee shops, or sweet treats. Local businesses all throughout the valley are continuing to work hard for our community, time to show them some love! Check out a few of the local businesses who are striving to uplift our community!

Boise Businesses

3. Sidewalk Chalk Art

Did you know being outside has the ability to boost your mood? Take the family out for an afternoon of sidewalk chalk art. Make it fun, challenge them to design the best family portrait or draw the capitol building! Whatever it is, get outside and let your creativity flow.

4. Nature Bingo

Print out a simple Nature Bingo card or make your own, and take a walk around the neighborhood. This is a great way to enjoy the benefits of fresh air, while getting your family outdoors and playing a fun activity! A little competition doesn’t hurt anybody.

5. Indoor Crafts

Keeping the kiddos busy during long days spent at home can be difficult. Crafts are always a great way to stay occupied. Guru Donuts is now offering “Make Your Own Donut Kits” filled with donuts, sprinkles, and glaze all you need to add is imagination! Woodland Kids has “Craft Kits” available for pickup at their store location. Or download our printable Boise coloring sheets!

Coloring Sheets




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